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Jeep Camshafts

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    The camshaft on your Jeep takes the engine's rotary motion and translates into a type of reciprocating motion. This is then used to ensure operation of the exhaust valves and intake of the cylinders in your engine. When this part is not working properly, a wealth of signs of symptoms typically occur, so you are sure to realize that there is an issue. Every person who drives a vehicle needs to know about these symptoms that you can quickly get an evaluation from your mechanic and have the problem repaired.

    Why Might a Camshaft Fail?
    Your Wrangler engine camshaft and Jeep valve train are composed of a variety of pieces and parts. Any of these can start to fail or go bad. To help in maintaining the overall health of your vehicle, you want to know why these go bad so that you can protect your camshaft and keep your Jeep running strong.

    Lobe wear can occur if during the installation of this part, lubrication is not sufficient. Every cam lobe surface requires adequate lubrication. Not using the right break-in lubricant can also result in problems down the road.

    The pressure of the valve springs has to be within the proper range. Assembled pressures and heights will depend on the camshaft in your vehicle. For example, mechanical street roller cams usually have a higher pressure compared to radical street flat tappet cams.

    Mechanical interference is another factor to consider when exploring the reasons for camshaft failure. This can come in several different forms, including spring coil bind, valve to piston interference, retainer to valve/seal guide boss interference and rocker arm stud to slot interference.

    Enjoy a Price Guarantee
    4WD.com offers a price guarantee that all of our customers can take full advantage of. This ensures that when you need a new Jeep camshaft, you are getting the exact part that you require for the best price possible.

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