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Jeep Camshaft Valvetrains

The camshaft in your Jeep has a sensor that works to assist the computer in your vehicle while also monitoring rotational speeds. If this part starts to go bad, the total Jeep performance can suffer, ranging from your gas mileage to your engine speed. Should this camshaft and valvetrain sensor start to go bad, there are generally symptoms that happen that you will be able to notice. Just make sure that you promptly get it replaced to keep your Jeep in excellent mechanical condition.

Know the Possible Symptoms of Failure
Your camshaft is made up of multiple parts, including the sensor, Jeep timing camshaft gear and other components. In some cases, the symptoms that occur when the various parts fail can be similar. However, when you are looking specifically at the sensor, there are certain signs that are known to happen when it starts to go bad.

It is common for engine sputtering to happen when this sensor is going bad. This is because the readouts that the sensor provides to the engine are inaccurate, causing spark timing to be wrong. The engine might start to misfire, and you usually notice a reduction in your fuel economy. Once the sensor continues to get worse in terms of its condition, it is common for the engine to either stall or just not start at all.

Poor acceleration is also possible when your camshaft sensor needs to be replaced. This is because when it is not working properly, it is not sufficiently regulating the speed needed to ensure the pistons are in the proper sync.

Getting the Best Price
Whether you are looking for a camshaft bearing for sale or the sensor, you want to ensure that you are getting high-quality parts and ensures this. We also have a best price guarantee that makes it easy for you to get all of the necessary components without breaking the bank.