Jeep Engine Performance Parts

Jeep Engine Performance Parts

Riding trails stresses your Jeep's engine, heating and cooling parts more than normal wear-and-tear of the street, so make sure your rig is trail-ready with Jeep performance parts that will keep you ready to go at a moment's notice.

Performance Jeep Parts for the Trail
Hi-revving crawls in low gear tax your Jeep's engine and cooling system, and a breakdown on the trail is every jeeper's worst nightmare. Buy a little insurance by modding your engine for reliability and power.

From the top down, your Jeep's engine is engineered for reliability, efficiency and power. It was also mass produced and designed with a budget in mind, so the aftermarket has superior parts to OEM Chrysler parts. 

The best place to start adding Jeep performance upgrades is through a cold-air intake. A cold-air intake lets your engine breathe better, making it more efficient. Cold air is denser than hot air, and cooler air has more oxygen in it, offering a gain in performance. 

The next step a lot of jeepers make is to replace the factory exhaust with a performance-minded setup. Like a cold-air intake, these offer better engine ventilation and give your rig a note of authority on the trail and street. 

Other common mods and their benefits are:

- Tuner: This plugs into your Jeep's PCM (computer) and changes parameters such as shift points, economy and timing.
- Throttle body: This lets air into your engine, and having a performance-tuned or bigger unit lets your Jeep breathe deeply more efficiently and effectively.
- High-quality filters: You want your Jeep's engine to last a long time and run well during its life, so treat it to the best oil and fuel filters you can afford.
- Gauges: Keep an eye on your motor and temps with oversize gauges without taking your eyes off the trail. It just makes sense.

Regardless of the goals for your Jeep, has everything you need to take it from mild to wild.

There is nothing quite like hopping in your Jeep, turning on your engine and taking a joyride. Whether you cruise around town or go off-road searching for a new trail to conquer, your Jeep knows how to deliver the fun. The fun comes to an abrupt halt, however, when something goes wrong with your engine or other important performance component. Keep the fun going strong and be a responsible jeeper by supplying your ride with Jeep engine performance parts from

Between getting you to your destinations every day and showing you a great time on and off the road, your Jeep takes care of you. Return the favor with Jeep performance parts that last. From carburetors to filters to fluids, we have everything you need to maintain the Jeep performance standard you’ve grown so accustomed to. Our collection of Wrangler performance parts come from brands you trust, such as Auto Meter, Crown Automotive, aFe Power and many more.

High Quality, Low Cost
Whether you need to completely renovate your engine or simply perform a few minor Jeep performance upgrades, has you covered. Check out our supercharger systems to boost the power, performance and riding quality of your Jeep or maintain an accurate computer system with new Jeep engine sensors. Don’t forget to change your filters periodically and add the fluids your Jeep needs to run smoothly. While you’re at it, take a look at the exhaust system parts we offer to maximize your horsepower and efficiency.

At, we’re as passionate about jeeping as you are. We aim to provide you with superior products at competitive prices to meet every single one of your Jeep needs. Shop with confidence knowing that our products are backed with best price guarantees. If within 90 days of your purchase you find a better price for something you bought with us, we’ll match that price. Treat both your Jeep and wallet to today.