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Jeep Auxiliary Heater & Heater Assembly Kits

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    Rampage Back Seat Heaters

    Rampage Back Seat Heater

    From $96.99

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    Flex-A-Lite Mojave Heaters

    Flex-A-Lite Mojave Heater

    From $276.99

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    Rugged Ridge Back Seat Heater

    Rugged Ridge Back Seat Heater

    From $132.99

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    Nothing is better than taking your Jeep to the extreme. When weather conditions turn cold, your off-roading experience becomes even more exciting. You don't want to freeze on the trail, however. If you need an auxiliary truck cab heater, has you covered. Browse our selection to be certain you stay toasty wherever you off-road.

    Stay Warm in Frigid Weather
    If your jeep through snowdrifts or across frozen lakes, your rig's stock heater might not be enough to keep you and your passengers comfortable. Fortunately, you don't have to relegate your jeeping exclusively to summer months. Instead, install a 12-volt auxiliary heater to stay warm as the temperatures drop.

    Choose Durable Heaters
    Your jeep takes a beating when you are off-roading. To be certain your electric Jeep heater is up to the challenge, you must purchase a durable one from a manufacturer you know and trust. At, we have a large selection of heaters designed specifically for off-road rigs. Choose from Rampage, Rugged Ridge, Flex-A-Lite and other top-quality aftermarket heaters. When you place your order, don't forget to add wiring and hosing kits to be certain your new heater fits and functions perfectly.

    Pay the Right Price
    Here at, we strive to be your go-to resource for Jeep parts and accessories. We also understand you would rather be tearing up the trail than looking everywhere for the best prices on Jeep components. That's why we feature our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. If you find a better deal on your parts somewhere else, we'll match it and cut you a refund. Those who have bravely served our country in the armed forces receive a discount as well. If you are planning a winter off-road trip or simply want to be comfortable on cool, rainy off-road adventures, browse our huge inventory of Jeep heaters and place your order today.

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    3 Products

    Rugged Ridge Back Seat Heater - 13150.01


    Ships Directly From Manufacturer May take additional processing time.

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    Rampage Back Seat Heater - 3501


    • Fitment: Universal Fit
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    Ships Directly From Manufacturer May take additional processing time.

    Ships Free

    Flex-A-Lite Mojave Heater - 117306


    Ships Directly From Manufacturer May take additional processing time.

    Ships Free

    Installing a Jeep back seat heater is a smart choice for staying comfortable when off-roading year round. An auxiliary heater for Jeep vehicles improves heat circulation, both by supplementing the existing stock heater and by being mounted in the back to deliver that extra heat where it’s needed. With a compact design, the heater can fit easily anywhere in the cabin, from the rear wheel well to under the seating, and many models have a swivel base to better direct heat. Installation is hassle-free as well - 12-volt Jeep electric heaters are compatible with the standard electrical systems in most Jeeps with a bit of wiring and, for coolant-based heaters, a heating hose hooked up to the main system. We also stock wiring and hosing kits to aid in installation.

    Give New Life to Your Jeep's Old Heating

    Alongside selling a separate aftermarket heater for your Jeep, also carries Jeep A/C parts to repair an older model’s main heating system and its accessories. From heater and A/C housings to temperature and mode door servos, these OEM parts come straight from factory suppliers to ensure that they match the specifications. At the same time, a universal fit ensures compatibility with your rig. A renewed HVAC system and an auxiliary unit together ensure a comfortable ride from summer to winter.

    Count on Our Customer Service

    High-quality products are even better with high-quality customer service behind them. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the selection of HVAC options; our team of experts is ready to address any questions you have and guide you to the parts you need. We also offer a 30 day warranty along with the manufacturer’s warranty on products in stock and assist in connecting you with the manufacturer if you need to submit a warranty claim. For off-road adventures in the rain and snow, turn to our inventory of Jeep heaters and order today.

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