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 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

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When you’re out Jeeping with your friends, there’s a lot going on under the hood. Needless to say, things tend to heat up a bit when you’re tackling mountain trails, riding the dunes and flying down the highway. Your engine coolant is, of course, there to keep the temperature under the hood in check. But what keeps tabs on your coolant temperature? That would be the job of your Jeep Wrangler temperature sensor, a crucial part of your ride that allows to keep things cool and collected while you’re on the move.

What This Part Does
Your coolant is the fluid that’s used to keep your engine cool. However, as the coolant is cycled through the system’s various hoses and reservoirs, the fluids can heat up as well, making them less effective at their job. The Jeep Wrangler engine coolant temperature sensor keeps tabs on the heat level of your coolant, so you’re never caught off guard with an overheating engine.

When You Should Replace It
A malfunctioning, damaged or worn-out Jeep 4.0 coolant temp sensor can spell disaster for your Jeep. If you can’t see when your coolant is overheating, you won’t be able to control the temperature of your engine, which could mean serious disaster later on. That’s why you should consider replacement if you’ve been experiencing issues such as poor mileage, the appearance of black smoke from your engine, frequent overheating or the appearance of the check engine light.

Getting the Best Price
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