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    Rock Slide Engineering Bendy Jeep

    Rock Slide Engineering Bendy Jeep
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    You know what's almost as fun as taking your Jeep four-wheeling with friends? Getting together with friends to take your Jeep RC trucks four-wheeling! When you can't be out on the trail you can still enjoy the thrill of the trail by driving your 4-wheel drive RC over the most hardcore terrain. These RC Jeeps are more than toys, they're tiny Jeeps, and that means they can handle just about anything.

    Get the Next Best Thing
    At 4WD.com, we know Jeeps are more than a mode of transportation, they're a sub-culture. Serious hobbyists are always looking for ways to bring more Jeep into their lives, and that's why we have 4-wheel drive RC trucks for sale. Taking one of these scale model Jeeps out to tackle serious obstacles is the next best thing to doing it in your full-size Jeep. It can also be a great way to introduce kids to the basics of off-roading and get them geared-up for the real thing. These 4-wheel drive RCs make perfect gifts for kids of every age.

    Get the Best Next Best Thing
    If you're into RC trucks, then you already know the name Traxxas. There's a reason their RC trucks and cars are at the top of every ‘Best' list. Powerful, durable and waterproof, these RCs are as tough as the real thing. You'll love the speed and 4-wheel drive capabilities of a Traxxas RC truck, and you'll love it even more with a Traxxas Jeep body. Once you pilot one of these and see what it can do, you'll be hooked for life.

    Get a Fair Price
    Buying an RC Jeep is an investment in having a good time, but you still want to make sure you're paying the best price. At 4WD.com, you are. That's because our price match policy means we pay you the difference in price if you find the same truck you bought from us being sold somewhere else for less. With a deal like that, you can feel good about treating yourself, or someone else, to an RC Jeep.<

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    Rock-Slide Engineering Bendy Jeep - AC-PR-BDJ


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