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Jeep Clothing & Apparel

Apparel You don't have to let your Jeep personalization end at your rig. 4WD carries a line of Jeep apparel that lets you extend the "Jeep Life" feeling to the clothes you wear. 4WD has fun gear like jackets, hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts and tanks, all in men, women and kids sizes. 4WD also carries utility gear like aprons for when you're getting greasy and protective goggles to wear when you're machining your own parts. Represent your favorite brands with brand ambassador baseball caps and beanies or brand ambassador socks to keep your toes warm on the trail.

You depend on your Jeep to take you to the most remote locations on the planet. Whether you are climbing up cliffs, descending hills or creeping through boulders, you must have the right clothing and gear to get the most out of your trip. At, we have you covered.

Hats, Caps, and Shirts
Jeeping isn't just something you do, it is a lifestyle you live. To show your passion for Jeep culture, you must have the right gear. Search a Jeep clothing official website to find the pieces that identify you as a jeeping enthusiast. Hats, caps, shirts, and sweatshirts with the Jeep logo make it crystal clear you belong in the off-road community.

Jackets and Goggles
As a seasoned jeeper, you understand looks aren't everything. Even though you want your rig to look its best, it must function at a high level too. You are no different. While you enjoy representing Jeep culture, you also need pieces to keep you safe while you tear up the trail. To protect your eyes from branches, dust and debris, you need a clear set of goggles. You also need a durable jacket to protect your skin when you are navigating ravines and crossing rivers.

Quality Construction
You choose a Jeep for your off-roading adventures, because you demand rugged dependability. Any other vehicle simply doesn't measure up. When you buy Jeep merchandise, you expect the same quality construction. Here at, we have what you need to look the part when you are behind the wheel. With Jeep wear from socks to hats, you choose pieces that hold up in any off-roading condition.

Affordable Pricing
You don't have to break the bank to wear the Jeep brand. Instead, take advantage of our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. If you find your garment or gear somewhere else at a lower price, we'll match it and gladly cut you a refund. Shop our wide selection of Jeep clothing and order the right pieces for taking your off-roading experience to the extreme.

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Any lover of the ultimate off-roading vehicle bought their Jeep for its accessibility to the outdoor lifestyle. As an avid wilderness-junkie, you want to be prepared for camping, and we at are determined to help. We've got you covered for on all jeep camping equipment you'll need for your next camping adventure and then some.

Camping PAKs and Tools
You need quality equipment to keep up with your active lifestyle. Rain has never rained on your parade because you come prepared with all the latest and sturdiest waterproof gear when you go adventuring. We offer several different camping packages with options for chairs and awnings, hunting necessities and full camping bundles so you can get all your standard gear for a great all-inclusive deal. Need tools? We can set you up with quality knives, shovels and trail axes from respected companies like Smittybilt and Hi-lift. Whether your camping in a Jeep Wrangler or taking your Jeep Grand Cherokee camping, you can feel at ease knowing you have everything you need.

Trailers, Tents and Power Need something a little extra for your camping escapades? We have a stellar selection of tents and retractable awnings that work directly off your Jeep for the ultimate rugged-lifestyle comfort. Check out our Smittybilt Scout trailer if you want to bring a little more with you than can fit easily in your vehicle, and to make your outdoor adventures just a bit easier, we offer a variety of fridges and coolers as well as the sturdiest power generator to meet all your camping needs. Warranty Here at 4WD, we take care of our customers. All our merchandise is under warranty for at least 30 days to protect you from any flaws in factory or inability to withstand normal wear and tear. Extreme warranty is another option we offer for some extended peace of mind. When everything is this easy, there is no need to hesitate. Check out what Jeep camping gear we can set you up with.

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