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Jason Robson and Mike Waclawski, co-founders of Modern Classic Enterprises (MCE), are hardcore Jeepers for life. Every year they drive their own rigs 2,000 miles from the Pacific Northwest to MOAB, Utah. It took them nearly a decade to develop the first fender product for MCE because they knew what quality was and they refused to compromise. The fender had to be lightweight and able to take the occasional impact of a Jeep knocking up against a rock or tree without transferring pressure to the Jeep body. Robson and Waclawski had to wait for the fabrication technology and material technology to catch up to their vision and when it did, they developed their first fender for the public in 2009.

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MCE Generation II Fender Flares

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MCE Fender Flare LED Round Marker Lights

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MCE Gen III Flexible Fender Flares

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