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Jeep Max-Bilts

Max-Bilt was started in 2005 by a father and son team of hardcore Jeep restoration enthusiasts looking to blaze new trails. It began with the son restoring his father's 1985 CJ-7 and he had such a good time restoring the Jeep that he purchased his own 1982 CJ-7 and he and his dad began restoring it together. During the course of this project, they realized an entirely new console was needed. When they searched, but were unable to find a console, they fabricated their own. This lead to the idea of making a business out of consoles for Jeep restoration and thus Max-Bilt was born.

When you take your Jeep off-roading, you trust that it will remain roadworthy so you can get back home after your adventure. Many of the Max-Bilt accessories for Jeep are designed to protect your vehicle from the debris associated with going off-road. has high-quality accessories from this trusted manufacturer to help you keep your rig in top shape.

Make Sure Your Jeep Is Ready for Anything
You know you need strong Jeep LED headlights, so you can see any obstacles in your path when you are off-roading in low light. However, as an avid jeeper, you need to prepare your ride for way more. The right accessories ensure your off-roading experience is great every time. For example, Max-Bilt skid plates improve your undercarriage's protection from rocks, branches and anything else you find off-road. Adding taillight protectors is another great way for you to make sure your Jeep is not damaged by the debris you find on rocky trails. Do you need to make the ride better for passengers? Add padded armrests for increased comfort.

Use Quality Accessories
Whether you are preparing your ride for a weekend of off-roading or a cross-country road trip, you want to use quality accessories to give you and all of your passengers a good experience. A Max-Bilt center console, for example, gives you a place to keep your belongings safe while you are hammering through rough terrain. Your passengers will love the console because of its cup holders and padded armrest. When you use quality parts in the interior and exterior of your Jeep, you improve your vehicle's comfort and capabilities.

Find Affordable Parts
Finding affordable parts for your rig is easy at We offer a 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee that allows you to get a refund should you find the same part cheaper somewhere else. This means you do not have to worry about spending more money than needed. Buy new Max-Bilt accessories today, so your Jeep is ready for whatever the road can throw at it.

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    Max-Bilt Switches

    Max-Bilt Rocker Switch

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    Max-Bilt Spare Tire Delete Plates

    Max-Bilt Spare Tire Delete Plates

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    Max-Bilt Arm Rest Pads

    Max-Bilt Arm Rest Pads

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    Max-Bilt Spare Tire Delete Plate - TT-JKMBO


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