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Jeep Lighting & Lighting Accessories

Jeep Lighting & Lighting Accessories

Pushing yourself to the limit is just part of your wet, rocky, adrenaline filled weekends. Trails aren't for people like you; you're a jeeper and your motto is: “if it's not paved, it's mine.” To stay on the road as long as possible, you need proper lighting, and 4WD has just what you need in Jeep lighting and accessories.

Illuminating Two-Wheeling
Bouncing along in your Jeep WOT until you two-wheel fills your days and as you fall exhausted into bed at night, the images fill your dreams. Why not stay on the road pushing yourself to the limit by illuminating the night with Jeep lights instead of packing it in at dusk. Two or three more hours of true white-knuckling as you shred unknown terrains can be yours with the help of LED lights for jeeps. Don't pass up the exhilaration of traveling to a remote area at near dark, setting up camp and watching the stars. It's your life, have an attitude and celebrate living by lighting the night and jeeping through it.

Different Lights for Different People
Jeeps stand for freedom, independence, strength and individuality and your Jeep is your personalized expedition rig. Add an accessory such as MPF lights or Jeep fog lights, and wrench on it. With each addition, it will become more unique, just like you. We know you want something distinct, so we carry a massive inventory of lighting for aftermarket enthusiast here at Find the right light for your dusk adventures as you slam skinny pedal and hope for the best, or negotiate the next obstacle as you light up the terrain with our aftermarket lights.

Unique Price Match Guarantee
Whether you're a mall crawler or a badass weekend warrior, we know you value your money and your time. Shop here with confidence because we have a ninety-day price match on any order you place with us. Order today, install the lights and you won't turn turtle in a blind rut next weekend.

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Off-roading isn’t for the weak-hearted. You need to equip your ride with the best Jeep headlights if you want to find your way through treacherous trails. Thankfully, has a wide selection of Jeep headlights for all of your late-night adventures. We carry the brightest and most advanced Jeep off-road lights and lighting systems from leading manufacturers like Hella. Whether you need headlamps, light bars, or fog lights for Jeep, we have it all. If you need replacement lights or high-powered aftermarket Jeep LED lights, look no further than

LED Lighting
Jeep LED lights meet all your off-roading needs. LED and HID lighting technology is long-lasting and durable, eliminating the need for future bulb changes. LED lights also use less power than traditional lights while providing an exceptional lumen output. With Jeep LED lights, you can safely navigate anywhere during the night with peace of mind.

Light Bars
If you take your Jeep on a challenging off-road trail, you may need a robust lighting system to provide additional illumination during the night. Jeep light bars from can be easily mounted on your hood, bumper, or top of your windshield. Light bar brackets come in a variety of textures and colors, including powder-coated black and sleek aluminum.

Fog Lights
You can match your headlamps with powerful fog lights to complete the appearance of your Jeep and make for better illumination. These lights come in handy in low visibility circumstances such as rain, fog, and snow.

Get Your Lights and Accessories
Our selection of lights and other accessories including Jeep Wrangler driving mirrors is unmatched. Plus, you don’t have to worry at all about your lamps or light kits fitting your Jeep. If you use our Select Vehicle feature above, you can punch in your specs and you’ll only see products that are made to fit your Jeep.

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