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Jeep Backbone

Keeping valuables safe in urban and rural settings can be challenging and Jeep Backbone was created when the founders realized their JK with a soft top had no place for safe storage. The JeepBackBone was the product that launched Jeep Back Bone and the innovative accessory for Jeeps secures valuables without having exposed locks, hinges, bolts or fasteners. Their groundbreaking accessories kept coming – including a cargo carrier for additional storage on top, safari seats ideal for tailgating, fishing and hunting and a rear windshield to enhance good weather cruising. Durable, waterproof, corrosion-proof and above all – impermeable – the JeepBackBone redefines safe storage space.

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Jeep Backbone Security Enclosures

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Jeep Backbone Cargo Carriers

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Jeep Backbone Rear Windshields

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Jeep Backbone Tailgate Bar

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