Jeep Steering Wheels

Imagine the off-roading adventure of your life. Nothing but wind, earth, and open sky surround you and your dream Jeep. You're carefree and living the off-roading life. What's under your palms? If you don't picture the steering wheel you already have, it's time to order a new one from

Stylish Steering Wheels
Your steering wheel is a sign of your style and the heart of your Jeep's interior. If yours isn't the wheel of your dreams, upgrade with any of our tough and cool options on We have Jeep steering wheels from such trusted manufacturers as Omix, Crown Automotive and Grant.  Choose from a variety of finishes and designs to complete your look.

Parts and Accessories
You don't have to replace your whole Jeep Wrangler steering wheel to upgrade your interior. Give your existing wheel a boost with rugged steering wheel parts from We carry horn buttons, turn signal tilt levers, steering wheel quick release kits and more.

The Perfect Fit
When you patiently await the arrival of your new part, the last thing you want is to discover that it doesn't fit your Jeep. Check before you even order with our “Select Your Vehicle” tool. You can choose your exact Jeep and we can show you only the Jeep steering wheel replacement parts that fit your off-roader.

No more pulling your hair out trying to make mismatched parts fit. Instead, spend your time and energy hitting the trail.

The Best Price
At, we don't just say we have the best prices, we back our claim up with an iron-clad promise. Our 90-day price guarantee mean that if you find a better price before your purchase or up to 90 days after, we match it. Just let us know and we can make up the difference.

Make your off-roaring dreams come true with new steering wheel parts and accessories from

Air Bag Clockspring

Cruise Control

Horn Button

Steering Wheel Quick Release

Steering Wheels Rock crawling and primitive trails call for heavy-duty equipment and precision steering. If your rig is upgraded, but still isn’t executing, it might be the steering wheel. Accuracy is critical to staying shiny side up in challenging conditions. Enhance performance with a Jeep steering wheel replacement. Factory steering wheels are made for daily road use. Jeep Wrangler steering wheels offer increased accuracy and better grip. Aftermarket Jeep steering wheels for sale are smaller than stock options, quickening the ratio at the wheel. They are durable and offer a more secure grip, something that you’ll notice when negotiating backcountry trails. Upgrade to a cruise control kit then sit back, relax and let the truck do all the work when you’re back on pavement. Order the steering wheel that fits your Jeep. We ship quickly to get you out on the trail fast.

Turn Signal / Cruise Control / Tilt Lever

You rely on your steering wheel every time you get in your Jeep. Chips, scratches and unsavory fabrics make a Jeep Wrangler steering wheel less than ideal. Find new Jeep steering wheels that will fit your needs and style right here on

Tips for Proper Installation
Not only will mars on the product cause potential steering issues, but improper installation also leads to higher risk of accidents. When you get a Jeep steering wheel replacement, you need to be sure you put it in correctly. The first step to a proper installation is getting a part that fits your vehicle.

Once you’re sure your new wheel is right for the model and year of your Jeep, you can start the installation process. The exact steps you need to take may depend on the specific Jeep you have. For example, Liberties and Wranglers may have slightly different layouts that make the installation process a little different. You can use our tips as general guidelines for your own installation.

Before you can install a new wheel, you need to remove the old one. Make sure your Jeep’s wheels are pointed straight ahead and the negative battery cable is disconnected. Expose the steering wheel retaining nut by carefully prying off the horn pad in the center of your wheel. Keep track of all of the horn components you remove.

Once the old wheel has been taken off, align your new one with the shaft. Reinstall all of the horn components you had to take off during the uninstallation. You will end the project by putting the horn pad back on and reattaching the battery cable.

Get What You Need
As you look for a Jeep steering wheel for sale, you can be sure to find exactly what you need right here at Whether you want a Jeep steering wheel quick release or a wheel with a bit of color, you can find it here. Shop with confidence by searching through our wide selection of accessories and parts.