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Jeep Seating

Replacing your Jeep seating is one exciting project that usually calls for an upgrade. Find enhanced seating options and tools to improve your Jeep's comfort and safety at Our wide selection of Jeep replacements features quality seats, frames and parts made to let you and your passengers enjoy each ride to its full potential.

Types of Seats

No matter what type of seating you prefer, durability, variety and easy installation are top priorities carried throughout our seat collection. Smooth out your bumpy off-roading excursions, and choose from extra comfortable options like contoured bucket seats featuring plush fabrics and resistance springs. Rear bench seats are also a practical option to consider that are in line with the classic Jeep style. If you're in the mood for a bit of luxury, check out recliner seats available in a variety of colors.

Reliable Brands

At, we offer only the best products from trusted brands. Experience the highest quality of materials with safety-driven products like an inner fenders seat to ensure you're always protected to the best of your abilities. Shop top brands like Smittybilt, Bestop TrailMax, Corbeau and Rugged Ridge. For even more added comfort, look for extra features such as support foam and water-resistant seating options. Make sure your selection fits your vehicle before completing your purchase by simply entering information about your model on each product page of interest.

The Best Prices

Owning a Jeep doesn't have to mean overpaying for quality replacements. Our price match guarantee on each purchase gives you 90 days to confirm that our price is the lowest or your money back. Make your first stop for convenient shopping and great deals. Remember to look for any military discounts, rebates and free shipping qualifications that may be available at checkout. Make your smart purchases today to begin enjoying your new and improved seating.

Whether you're driving around town or spending the day off-roading, you want to be comfortable. The good news is, that there are several great options available if you want to upgrade your ride with aftermarket Jeep seats. New seats throughout your Jeep means you and your passengers will be comfortable no matter where the road takes you.

The Importance of Quality Seating
Many Jeep Wrangler owners already know that the original seats in your ride aren't the most comfortable around. That doesn't mean that you're stuck with seats you dislike. High-quality seating is more important than you may realize. When you're the type of person to spend a good amount of time behind the wheel, seats that are uncomfortable can take a toll when you're driving for a while.

Choosing the Right Aftermarket Seats
When it comes time to get new seats for your Jeep, there are several great replacement parts to choose from. If you spend a lot of time driving off-road, seats that have the option to use a harness could be a safe choice. Some seats require an optional seat bracket, while others can be installed without any modifications.

Upgrading the Seats in Your Jeep
If you want to take your driving experience to a new level, there are a few ways you can upgrade the seats in your Jeep. If you're on a budget, you can start with getting some high-quality seat covers. You can get cooling covers, plush ones, and even fuzzy ones, depending on your preferences. For those that want a more permanent solution, shopping for the best Jeep Wrangler seats would be a great option. There are several brands out there that have really comfortable Jeep Wrangler aftermarket seats at a variety of price points, allowing most Jeep owners to upgrade to better seating.

Get Comfortable With Lower Prices
When you're looking for new seats, saving money is a big deal. We offer low prices on all of our parts, but if you happen to come across the same product at a lower cost within 90 days of your purchase, we'll match the price with our Best Price Guarantee. You'll get your new seats quickly, and if for some reason they don't fit, you can send them back within 30 days.

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