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 Instrument Panel Cover

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

If it's style or functionality you're looking for, 4WD has the instrument panel cover for your Jeep. 4WD offers the genuine replacement part covers from JeepĀ® as well as quality aftermarket instrument panel covers from trusted off-road brands like Rugged Ridge, AMI Dash and Auto Meter. You can choose between just the cover or the complete instrument kit. You've taken the time to personalize your Jeep's interior to your style. Match your Jeep's interior style with finishes in agate, black powdercoat, polished aluminum or stainless steel. A new instrument control panel is more than just a cosmetic fix for a vehicle. It provides great practical benefits, such as having total control over all the instruments appearing on the dashboard. Never feel left in the dark about what your Jeep is doing by acquiring a new Jeep instrument panel as soon as the old one starts failing.

Aesthetic Advantages
Over the course of many years, you may upgrade your Jeep to come with a few new attractive features. During these upgrades, it is possible it is not going to occur to you to also upgrade the instrument panel cover. It appears to be such an integral part of the vehicle, and it seems like a hassle to install a new panel. However, it is a worthwhile investment. These panel covers come from a number of reputable brands, such as Auto Meter, AMI Dash and Rugged Ridge, so there is bound to be something that is going to suit your tastes.

Installation Tips
If you decide to install a new cover on your own, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, you want to make sure to be gentle with both the old and new covers. Tugging or installing too harshly ends up damaging screws or other essential components. You should also be wary of the electrical systems behind the dash.

Great Prices
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