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ARB Subwoofer Relocation Brackets

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A banging speaker needs a secure bracket to stay in place as you muddy your Jeep. Whether you're adding new tweeters on the high end or a subwoofer on the low end, a good mount means a good fit that won't rattle in your cage on a bumpy road.

Starting Your Install
For those new to mods, here's a quick run through on getting started. For front speakers, you will be removing the glove box to get into the console. Most models have a few hidden screws, so get your hands in there and feel around.

From there, it's easy to remove the a-pillar, side-dash panel and the panel under the steering column. Once you've exposed the guts of your dashboard, it's time for the radio and current speaker set to come out.

Swapping Speakers and Brackets
Brackets protect your investment into high quality speakers. You may need to adjust your drill holes, but that's no problem. Once you remove the factory speakers, you can see and feel the quality difference in what you're about to install. Secure your new sound and test it out before putting all the pieces back together. However, subwoofers are a bit different.

Bracket in the Back
A Jeep subwoofer enclosure keeps your woofer in place and can protect some of the more delicate parts from rocks and mud. What use is a great speaker if it gets clogged with dirt? Installing a subwoofer and enclosure requires a lot of space, so clear out anything you aren't using to give your new speaker the largest footprint possible.

Unbeatable Prices and Quality
Upgrading your Jeep with a new subwoofer or other speakers is as easy as a 10 percent grade climb. provides the best in price and quality, so all you need to do is choose your components. There's even free shipping for qualified orders.

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ARB Subwoofer Relocation Bracket - ARBJKBRKT1

ARB Subwoofer Relocation Bracket - ARBJKBRKT1
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