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Jeep Antenna Mounts: Gorilla Whips

Give your Jeep the Wow! factor it needs to stand out from the crowd and personalize your ride at the same time when you install a Jeep whip flag from Gorilla Whips. Whether you're breaking a new trail or white-knuckling it down a favorite sand dune, do it in style by installing one of the Gorilla Whips from

Light Up Your Jeep With Gorilla Whips
You know your Jeep looks great flying down the trail, but others can lose sight of your rig behind the thicket of branches and leaves you just crashed through. When you install a Jeep LED whip, you never have to worry about the horror of your friends losing sight of your amazing jeeping skills.

At, we carry an assortment of Gorilla Whips that not only show off your unique, fun-loving personality; they sync easily with other Gorilla Whips such as the LED Xtreme Whips and the Gorilla Undermount Kits. With the flick of a switch, your Jeep goes from blah to lighting up the sky in a blaze of color your friends won't be able to match.

Show Off Your Style With Whip Flags knows that a naked Jeep whip antenna affects your coolness factor on the trails, which is why we sell a wide array of whip flags for Jeeps. Our 12"" x 18"" specialty flags are the perfect complement to your LED whip. Whether your Jeep is crying out for a Flying Skull or a Smiley Face flag, we have them and more in stock. Each flag is sewn to fit a ¾"" diameter pole and includes a black end cap with two grommets for easy installation on a standard LED light whip.

Our Price Guarantee Means the Lowest Prices
With the 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee, you don't need to shop around for the best price. If you find your parts elsewhere at a better price within 90 days of your purchase, we'll match that price and send you a refund for the difference.

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    Gorilla Whips Flag with Poles

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    Don’t just be another vehicle on the dunes! Gorilla Whips are an easy and affordable way to customize your Jeep and to stand out from the crowd. Gorilla Whips undermount kits can light up your rig like the Fourth of July, and a Jeep whip flag is perfect for letting others know you’re coming even when you’re in the valley of the dunes. Day or night, and on the trails or off, a whip kit can having you looking fresh and on point.

    LED Extreme Whips
    The LED Extreme Gorilla Whips UTV mounts are unlike any whip kits on the market. Not only are the remote controlled, but they also contain over 140 of the brightest LEDs in each 4-foot section. Go from white to red to green to any color your heart desires with the push of a button. Light up the sky and give your buddies a light show as you lead the way. Each strand is durable and each mount dependable, perfect for the off-road life.

    Flags for Jeep Wrangler
    Whether you need a replacement flag or want to install a new flag and pole, we’ve got you covered. Don’t just fly a plain flag though—fly a flag with personality. Choose from an eagle soaring, a flaming skull, a pirate logo or even a happy face. At, we know that living the Jeep life is a statement in and of itself. Stay true to form and make a statement of your own with a Jeep trail flag.

    An Affordable Way to Customize Your Rig
    You don’t have to drop a ton of money into your Jeep to make it unique. At, our inventory includes a whole line of Gorilla Whips accessories for you to choose from, as well as accessories from other top manufacturers. Pick up the flags, lights, stickers and emblems you need to bring your vehicle to the next level today for the lowest price on the market thanks to our price match guarantee.

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