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Whether you are hitting the trail or transporting cargo around town, a quality Jeep roof rack is an extremely functional accessory. There is no need to subject your passengers to cramped leg space, or damage the interior of your Jeep with the proper rack in place. With a Kargo Master Jeep rack you can rest assured in the quality and durability of your rack and the items it may carry.

Quality Construction
The Kargo Master roof rack collection is comprised of various racks that are built to last. The racks are made of premium steel materials, which not only make them durable, but can hold up to 500 pounds of cargo as well. Not only is the rack itself durably made, but the fashioning hardware is also uniquely crafted to provide easy, yet completely secure installation. Once attached to your Jeep, you can be confident that the racks will stay in place and securely hold your belongings.

The racks are simple to attach, which enhances their convenience. Depending upon your load, being able to alternate between racks can be quite helpful. A regular rack may work for everyday chores, but a specialized rack, such as a Kargo Master Congo cage, could be essential for securing your belongings for your next camping trip. Along with being easy to alternate, they also work well with additional accessories.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We can confidently guarantee your satisfaction because we put your needs first. As Jeepers helping other Jeepers, we understand the importance of properly maintaining your vehicle. Therefore, we only provide products that excel in doing just that. Also, you do not have to worry about frivolous up-charges. In fact, we offer a comprehensive 100% price match guarantee, so you know that you are getting the best value for your buck. Take some time to browse the available options to see which Jeep rack is best for you.

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Kargo Master Low-Pro Roof Rack System - 55040


  • 07-Current Wrangler JK, 4-Door
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