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The only thing more thrilling than getting your Jeep stuck off-road is figuring out how to get it unstuck. Whether your rig is lodged between boulders, buried in mud or floating down a river, you must use your ingenuity and resourcefulness to get out of the sticky situation. has the mounts your Jeep needs to hold axes and shovels.

Carry Essential Supplies With You
You are serious about off-roading. You also aren't about to hit the trail without essential gear. Nonetheless, trying to figure out how to haul equipment without the right hardware can be challenging. Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Install a 4x4 shovel mount to securely attach digging equipment to your rig. If you want to haul an axe too, choose a combination axe and shovel mount. Either way, with the right mount, you can securely carry essential supplies on the outside of your Jeep.

Don't Scrimp on Quality
As you probably know, you can't scrimp on quality when choosing an axe and shovel holder for your rig. If you do, you might lose essential equipment on the highway or trail. Even worse, you might have to listen to noisy vibrations coming from a cheap Jeep JK shovel mount. To avoid both, purchase a mount made from strong materials. When you do, be certain you include the necessary hardware to securely attach your Jeep shovel mount to your machine.

Order From a Trusted Source
At, we are proud to be your one-stop resource for Jeep parts and accessories. We also feature our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. Take advantage of it to be certain you are getting top-quality parts for the most affordable price. If you do happen to find a better deal on your parts somewhere else, we will gladly match it and issue you a refund. To get the most out of your off-road adventure, shop our large selection of shovel mounts and place your order today.

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