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Jeep Direct Fit Bug Deflectors & Shields

Your Jeep is rugged enough to climb over boulders and spacious enough to hall groceries. For your rig to meet any challenge, you must count on all its systems to work perfectly. A broken axle housing might leave you stranded. is here to help. We have the Jeep parts and accessories you need to get the most out of your machine.

Axles To Go Anywhere
You rely on your rig to deliver exceptional off-road performance. Even if you primarily use your Jeep for everyday commuting, you need strong axles to quickly and safely reach your destination. Regardless of where you drive, your Jeep axle housings are critical to overcoming any obstacle. With both routine and dynamic driving, over time your Jeep's axles can wear out or break. Instead of ignoring signs of damage, replace your bad axle parts with modern upgrades.

OEM-Quality Parts for Your Rig
If you are shopping for a front axle housing for a Jeep Wrangler, you must demand superior products to continue to dominate off-road. When you order from, you get OEM-quality parts from leading manufacturers. Select a Dynatrac axle or a Rock Assault front axle. Alternatively, choose components from G2, Dana Spicer, TeraFlex or another top brand. With durable materials, strong construction and innovative design, these axle parts perform well and last long.

Fair Pricing on the Parts You Need
When you need to replace your Jeep axle housings, you don't want to waste valuable off-road time shopping for the best prices for replacement parts. At, you don't have to search far and wide for affordable components. Instead, take advantage of our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. With it, you shop with confidence, knowing if you find a better deal on your order somewhere else, we'll gladly match it and promptly send you a refund. If you have bravely served in the armed forces, we will also proudly offer you a military discount. Don't stay off the trail any longer than you absolutely must. Instead, browse our inventory of Jeep axles and order the right one for your rig today.

Are you tired of always having to take your Jeep to the car wash to rinse off all the bugs that have accumulated on your hood? Make that issue a thing of the past by installing a Jeep Wrangler bug deflector. The Jeep hood deflector is perfect all year round and keeps your vehicle in good condition.

How Do They Work?
Depending on where you live in the country, it is possible you have to deal with bugs on roadways all the time. After you install a Jeep hood guard, it creates an air current that prevents bugs from hitting the hood and windshield. Instead, any pests are taken by the upstream of air and taken over the vehicle. There is the possibility bugs end up hitting the deflector, but it is better for them to land on the piece rather than your Jeep. You are bound to notice a difference once you install this part.

What Are the Advantages?
Aside from preventing bugs from smashing against your vehicle, you also get to enjoy being capable of keeping your windows open. Many drivers keep them closed because they worry about bugs unexpectedly flying in. You get to bring in a nice breeze with the peace of mind bugs are kept at bay. Many times, the deflectors fit onto a Jeep without the need to drill into the hood. You also need to invest in some high-quality tape, but it is better than permanently altering the vehicle’s aesthetic.

Where to Buy Amazing Bug Deflectors has everything you need to keep your Jeep looking pristine. We sell everything from hood deflectors to bug shields. We even sell side window vents, so you get better coverage all over. We also match price in case you find the same component at a lower price somewhere else. We have numerous types of beneficial items in stock, so make a purchase today.