Bed Coatings & Paints for Jeep Wranglers at
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Bed Coatings & Paints for Jeep Wranglers at

Bed Coatings & Paints

Brushing or spraying your Jeep with specialty paint and coating not only enhances its appearance, it also protects the bed from rust and corrosion. Coatings and paints may be scratch and abrasion resistant and primers feature unique adhesion qualities. Seal and protect surfaces from moisture, chemicals, sun, salt and other corrosive contaminants. POR-15 and Al’s Liner manufacture specialty paints and liners along with primers, cleaner/degreasers and more that can be applied by brush or sprayed on. 4WD is a go-to resource when you want a coating that is nearly indestructible and capable of surprising toughness.

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