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Jeep Door Lock Kits

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    Electric Life MES 2 Door Lock Kits

    Electric Life Mes Lock Kit

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    Crown Automotive Door Lock Actuator

    Crown Automotive Door Lock Actuator

    From $45.99

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    The right locking system in your Jeep makes all the difference for your comfort and peace of mind. When you take your Jeep off-roading, you likely want to take the windows and top off, but make sure the doors are secure with a Jeep Wrangler power lock conversion beforehand. It makes all the difference and provides you with greater security.

    Benefits of New Door Locks
    Depending on the type of Jeep you own, it is possible you regularly contend with having to manually lock all the doors. This is a hassle if you forget to lock the doors and have to walk back to your vehicle. With a Jeep Wrangler power door lock kit, you are capable of locking the doors even if you are 100 feet away. This offers a level of convenience you deserve.

    Door Lock Installation Process
    Once you have your door actuator kit, you start by removing the door panels, the inner carrier panel and the latch mounting screws. Attach the pre-formed linkage rod to the latch. Next, bolt the door actuator onto the door itself. The keyless entry module needs to go under the dash. The ground, ignition power and constant power need to be connected to the keyless entry device. Once all is said and done, you are capable of controlling your Jeep's locks even if you are some distance away.

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    3 Products

    Electric Life Mes Lock Kit - LK01-50-537


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    Electric Life Mes Lock Kit - LK01-10-537


    • Fitment: Direct Fit
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    Crown Automotive Door Lock Actuator - J8134627


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    Depending on the model year, the doors on your Jeep may lock manually or feature power locks. Either way, you may need to repair or upgrade the lock mechanisms in your vehicle. Restores a broken remote locking function with Jeep replacement door locks or add this function by performing a Jeep power lock conversion. We have a large selection of door lock components and complete Jeep Wrangler power door lock kits as well as parts and kits that work for many other models. Some conversion or replacement door locks provide a universal fit, but you can also use our Select Vehicle search to make sure you order the right components for your rig.

    Power Up Your Locks
    Control all of the locks on your Jeep with the flick of a switch or push of a button. Whether your locks have ceased to function or you want to add a new feature, you can find everything you need at 4WD. If your power door locks won’t lock or unlock, operate when you don’t want them to or emit an unusual sound, you may need to replace one or more actuators. These mechanisms trigger a series of gears that lock or unlock a power door lock. We stock components for many different models, including a Wrangler door lock actuator. Search or browse our selection of Jeep power door locks to find parts suitable for your model.

    Lock in a Great Price
    Search or browse one of the largest and most complete inventories of Jeep parts for door lock kits or parts. 4WD sells the parts you need for any model and offers fast shipping options. If you find any item you have purchased from us at a lower price from another retailer, we will match the price and refund the difference. Order the parts you need to fix or automate your door locks today.

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