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Jeep Cowl Panels

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Rugged Ridge Body Armor Cowls

Rugged Ridge Body Armor Cowl
4.3 4.3 (4)

From $65.99

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Jeep Cowl Panel Grilles

Jeep Cowl Panel Grille

From $148.99

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Omix-ADA Top Cowl Panels

Omix-Ada Top Cowl Panel

From $173.99

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Your Jeep was designed to be tough and durable, and though no rock should be able to bust your engine, it's nice to have a cowl panel just in case. Your Jeep cowl panel is your vehicle's first line of defense against flying debris when you decide to take her off-road and through the muck. Your Jeep may be made for adventure, but at, it's our job to ensure that she stays in good working order wherever adventure takes her. That's why we sell a vast selection of cowl covers for you to choose from.

Replace the Old With the New
You're attached to your vehicle's original Jeep cowl cover—we get it, sentimentality runs strong in the Jeep life. However, as your panels start to rust, it's time to invest in a new one. If you let your Jeep TJ cowl panel get too rusty, it will leak moisture from the outside into your interior when it starts to pour, when you wash your car or when you take a quick trip through a creek.

Replace Your Cowl Cover With Only Top-Quality Parts
At, we sell Jeep JK cowl replacement parts and whole panels from the best aftermarket manufacturers such as Cliffride, Omix-Ada and Rampage. If you need to replace your cowl panel, or if you just want to upgrade it to something more durable, shop our vast selection online.

Get the Full Service Experience
Sure, you can take your Jeep to an auto body repair shop and wait weeks for your parts to come in, or you can buy the parts yourself from and have them shipped to you within days of clicking “Order.” Our service is unparalleled, and our shipping fast. Best of all, our prices are the lowest around. If you don't believe us, use our price match guarantee to test us. If you're in the market for a new Jeep cowl cover, look no further than We have the products you need, and the customer service to go with it!

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Rugged Ridge Cowl Body Armor (Black Plastic) - 11651.18


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Omix-ADA Steel Replacement Top Cowl Plate (Primer) - 12029.17


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Jeep Cowl Panel Grille (Primer) - 55174636AB


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Omix-ADA Top Cowl Plate (Primer) - 12025.11


Ships Free

Omix-ADA Top Cowl (Primer) - 12023.47


Ships Free

You know that a new Jeep Wrangler cowl panel can enhance your ride’s fuel efficiency, but did you know that this accessory can also offer your ride a performance boost? Because your Jeep can waste less fuel on running the heater and AC, more fuel is able to go where it’s needed while you’re on the road. This means your engine’s getting more fuel, and can therefore generate more power to get you over that next boulder, dune or trench without a problem.

As is the case with most Jeep upgrades, performing a Jeep JK cowl replacement is the perfect time to add a little style boost to your jeeping experience. At, we not only offer cowls from industry-leading manufacturers, but we offer several distinct styles, so you’ll always get the look you really want. For example, the lightbar wiper cowl for Jeep sits right below your wipers and offers your Jeep a more modern feel, while the ever-popular Jeep body armor cowls fit on the curved part of the side of your Jeep’s hood for a more discreet yet still impressive statement. We also have cowl panel grilles and top cowl panels to choose from, ensuring a truly unique outcome for your Jeep’s appearance.

Maintaining a Cowl Panel
Once you finish your Jeep cowl replacement, you want to be sure you’re maintaining the new cowl panel properly in order to avoid further issues with this part of your ride. The most important thing about maintenance is to remember that sometimes replacement is necessary. Keeping a cowl panel on past its prime simply to save time and money is a surefire way to cause engine problems and reduce fuel economy. Otherwise, keeping the cowl panel vents clean and dry whenever possible are great ways to extend the life of your new part.

The Military Discount
We offer a military discount on all of our parts here at, which allows us to give just a bit back to those who risk so much for their country on the daily.

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