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Owning a Jeep is about getting your hands dirty. You take pride in adding modifications that keep your ride looking good and rugged on the outside and comfortable and functional on the inside. You also have the ability to keep your rig tuned up and road-worthy. has the parts and jeep wrangler tune up kit to get you started.

Tune Up
Mechanics are notoriously untrustworthy. If you are tired of feeling uneasy every time you take your Jeep in for a tune up, it is time to learn how to do some routine maintenance. Learning how to take care of your vehicle will give you confidence down the road.

Start off by visually checking and topping off all your fluids. Check your oil level using the dipstick. The dipstick needs to be removed and wiped clean with a paper towel. Thread it back in the tube and then remove it again to get an accurate reading. If needed, add oil. Your Jeep manual should provide specifications. Next, check the engine coolant in the clear plastic reservoir. Add fluid to the reservoir if needed.

Take a minute to look over the engine. You are checking for any wear and tear on hoses or belts. If a hose looks worn or out of shape, give it a squeeze. It should not feel soft or gummy. Using a battery brush, clean the terminals on your Jeep's battery.

Make sure the pressure in your tires is correct. Specifications should be molded into the side of the tire. Over inflating or under inflating causes your tires to wear unevenly. Use a tire pressure gauge and add air if necessary.
-Spark plugs– This can be a little tricky. Use a gap gauge to make sure the spark plugs have the correct gap size. Remove each one at a time. has the best tune up kit for jeep xj and comes with all the parts you need.

If you are looking to start doing your own maintenance, invest in a jeep 4.0 tune up kit from us. It will save you a lot of headaches.

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