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 Ignition & Tune Up Kits

Your ignition system is the part of your Jeep that contains its get-up-and-go, and which effectively allows you to start your journey each and every day, regardless of how near or far your next destination might be. However, your Jeep ignition plays other roles when it comes to getting you from one place to another. This part impacts the performance of your Jeep's engine, your gas mileage and much, much more. That's why it's always a good idea to consider upgrading this crucial part over the years.<br><br><b>The Parts You Need</b><br>If you're looking to replace your ignition completely, you'll need quite a few parts. While this is by no means the biggest or most daunting Jeep upgrade out there, work can still be extensive due to the importance of the part. You'll need to accumulate a wide range of parts from in order to get the job done right, including the distributor, distributor cap, distributor drive gear and ignition coil lead wire.<br><br><b>Time for a Tune-Up</b><br>The key to saving cash during this upgrade is identifying the appropriate time to perform it. The main symptom that marks the gradual failure of an ignition system is misfiring when you're starting your vehicle and stalls between destinations. These can be the results of a huge variety of damaged or worn parts, ranging from spark plugs to ignition wires. During a tune-up, you can take the time to check each part and replace it as needed, or even upgrade the entire system to a new, more powerful version.<br><br><b>Saving Some Cash</b><br>At, we have your back when it comes to saving your hard-earned cash. We have a price guarantee for all the parts of the Jeep ignition system you could want or need, meaning you'll always get the best price when buying from us. If you do happen to find a better deal from another seller, we'll match the price.

Ignition and tune up kits better your Jeep’s gas mileage, throttle response, power and spark your overall performance. These systems include distributors, distributor drive gears, ignition timing controllers and many other components. 4WD carries Omix-ADA tune up kits with filters to replace the parts that work in concert to make your internal combustion engine run smoothly. Choose an ignition kit for your stock or supercharged engine that’s easy to connect from top brands like MSD, Accel and Performance Distributors. These kits come complete with all accessories and are compatible with different Jeep model engines.

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