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Jeep Ignition & Tune Up Kits

Your ignition system is the part of your Jeep that contains its get-up-and-go, and which effectively allows you to start your journey each and every day, regardless of how near or far your next destination might be. However, your Jeep ignition plays other roles when it comes to getting you from one place to another. This part impacts the performance of your Jeep's engine, your gas mileage and much, much more. That's why it's always a good idea to consider upgrading this crucial part over the years.

The Parts You Need
If you're looking to replace your ignition completely, you'll need quite a few parts. While this is by no means the biggest or most daunting Jeep upgrade out there, work can still be extensive due to the importance of the part. You'll need to accumulate a wide range of parts from 4WD.com in order to get the job done right, including the distributor, distributor cap, distributor drive gear and ignition coil lead wire.

Time for a Tune-Up
The key to saving cash during this upgrade is identifying the appropriate time to perform it. The main symptom that marks the gradual failure of an ignition system is misfiring when you're starting your vehicle and stalls between destinations. These can be the results of a huge variety of damaged or worn parts, ranging from spark plugs to ignition wires. During a tune-up, you can take the time to check each part and replace it as needed, or even upgrade the entire system to a new, more powerful version.

Saving Some Cash
At 4WD.com, we have your back when it comes to saving your hard-earned cash. We have a price guarantee for all the parts of the Jeep ignition system you could want or need, meaning you'll always get the best price when buying from us. If you do happen to find a better deal from another seller, we'll match the price.

Distributor Cap Your rig's engine is its heart, and just like yours, you need to take care of it. Keep your engine always ready for the next batch of gumbo by using the high-quality ignition & tune up kits for Jeep engines available from 4WD.com. Whether you need Jeep distributor caps or Jeep ignition coils, we have them in stock from the toughest names in Jeep aftermarket and OEM parts, like ACCEL. Our easy-to-use Select Vehicle tool ensures you find the exact Jeep distributor rotor to match your hard-core rig's specific needs. Make sure your Jeep's heart is healthy, and upgrade its electrical system parts and gear with only premium equipment from 4WD.com.

Electronic Spark Control Module

Ignition Coil For high performance on the road or off-road, your Jeep demands quality Jeep ignition coils. The right coil can upgrade your rig’s horsepower for quick starts and steep climbing on rugged routes. A faulty ignition system can cause the engine light to come on, rough idles and engine backfires. Getting a new coil or an In-cap super coil can noticeably rev up performance. Top brands such as Omix-ADA, ACCEL and MSD are available at 4WD.com to get your Jeep running in peak condition. Other engine parts such as a Jeep distributor rotor or Jeep distributor caps can boost power when replaced with premium parts. Buy your replacement parts today at 4WD.com and enjoy the difference.

Ignition Coil Adapter The heart of your rig's engine isn't the battery; it's the spark plugs. Just like your heart, these tiny powerhouses fire at regular intervals to ensure your engine runs smoothly. You can help them deliver their power where it'll do the most good by swapping out your old ignition coil adaptors for one of the premium aftermarket Jeep ignition coil adapters available at 4WD.com. Whether you need Jeep ignition coil covers or ignition control modules, 4WD.com has the high-quality engine parts your ride needs to take on the gnarliest trails. We even have the distributor adapter wiring harness you've been looking for in stock and ready to ship to you. Find the exact part you need with our easy-to-use Select Vehicle tool and order it today.

Ignition Coil Cover For Jeep enthusiasts, engines must not only run great but look great. When it comes to running smoothly, you want an ignition tune-up kit for Jeep that adds power and performance to your rig. 4WD.com carries a variety of kits from brands you recognize and trust. Ignitions coils give the engine a cluttered look. Jeep ignition coil covers from 4WD.com eliminate this unsightly problem. To be the ultimate chick magnet, your rig needs to look good on the inside and out. She should crank fast and have the power to match her rugged exterior. 4WD.com has the universal coil covers and Jeep Wrangler ignition kits to keep your Jeep looking and running her best.

Ignition Control Module Your hard-core jeeping requires a hard-core engine capable of blasting new trails through any conditions. Just like you, 4WD.com knows that your rig's high-powered engine sometimes needs a little extra help to get it going. That's why we sell the best Jeep ignition control modules on the market. Swap out your existing Jeep ignition coil adaptor or add one of our timing retard control systems to your rig's electrical system to take your jeeping adventures to the next level. 4WD.com even has premium aftermarket and OEM ignition coils for sale, so there's no excuse not to upgrade your existing gear to create your dream rig. Check out our inventory for the premium parts you need and order something today.

Ignition Kit Excellent Jeep performance starts from the moment you turn on the ignition. The factory standard ignition system works fine for most folks, but for jeepers that need more from their rig, 4WD.com carries Jeep ignition kits with everything needed to make an upgrade. Jeep ignition coil covers, plug wires, rotors and more are all found here, compatible with many popular Jeep models, as well as digital ignition controllers to improve ignition sparks. An enhanced ignition means more efficient fuel economy, higher horsepower and altogether better vehicle performance. We also carry ignition tune-up kits for Jeeps for DIY jeepers looking to touch up their ignition instead of a full replacement.

Ignition Tune-Up Kit Owning a Jeep is dirty work, both behind the wheel and under the hood. Jeepers know this and are ready to take maintenance into their own hands, to create something they can rely on and take pride in. 4WD.com's Jeep ignition tune-up kits have the essentials for new and veteran jeepers alike to take on ignition maintenance. From supplies for routine touch-ups to high-grade overhauls like the Performance Distributor Firepower Ignition Kit, our stock has something for every user and every Jeep. Complement a tune-up kit with a new ignition coil adapter for Jeep models, or grab one of our Jeep ignition control modules as a replacement to enhance your engine’s spark.

Spark Plug Although they’re small, your vehicle’s spark plugs are a critical piece in its ignition and combustion processes. Make sure yours are always in top condition and ready to handle the rigors of your trail by choosing from among 4WD.com’s premier selection of Jeep spark plugs. We’ve got the right spark plug header and plug parts for you, whether your goals are simply getting back in gear or improving your engine’s combustion capabilities. Pair up with our Jeep spark plug boot kits, a spark plug wire set to enhance spark plug efficiency or other top-rated gear from our store. Speaking of finding your gear, our website is explicitly tooled to make shopping easy with our category selections and the Select Vehicle drop-down menus to locate the right parts with your make and model of vehicle

Spark Plug Boot Kit Your weekend jeeping adventures put a lot of strain on your engine's parts, but that's okay because they're designed to handle it. This wear and tear eventually take its toll, though. When your spark plug terminals get damaged from too much fun on the trail, 4WD.com has the Jeep spark plug boot kits you need to get out of the repair shop quickly. Whether you need high-temperature boots for your Jeep Wrangler spark plugs or high-quality Jeep spark plug wire sets, we have them in stock and ready to ship. Our Select Vehicle tool makes it easy to find the perfect match for your rig, so check it out. Your rig always gives you its all, so return the favor by installing only the premium aftermarket parts available at 4WD.com.