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Jeep Batteries & Battery Accessories

Whether you rely on your Jeep for everyday commuting or extreme off-roading, you need a dependable battery to get the most out of your rig. Old, worn, or damaged batteries can leave you stranded and ruin your adventure. At, we offer a huge inventory of replacement Jeep batteries and accessories to keep you dominant on the road or trail.

Upgrade Your Battery for Better Performance
If you are looking for a reliable spark, upgrading your Jeep's battery is a smart choice. While day-to-day driving can take a toll on a vehicle's battery, off-roading is even more demanding. For better performance on the road or trail, ditch your old battery and order a modern alternative. When you do, don't forget to buy other battery components, such as a Jeep YJ battery hold down. With new electrical parts, you can push your rig to the next level.

Shop for High-Quality Replacements
When you are looking for a battery for a jeep wrangler, remember to choose a high-quality replacement. The complete inventory of high-performance batteries at offers the selection you need to find the right 4WD battery for your machine. Choose from manufacturers you know and trust, such as OPTIMA, Odyssey, Omix-ADA, and Powermaster. With custom fit and modern technology, these components last longer and deliver better output.

Demand the Best Price
Nobody likes to comparison shop. Here at, you don't have to look elsewhere to find a fair price on Jeep parts and accessories. If you do happen to find your parts somewhere else at a lower price, we'll match it and send you a refund, pursuant to our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee. Even better, if you aren't sure what battery to order, you can utilize our expertise to find the right Jeep battery size for your vehicle. Don't wait to upgrade your rig's battery. Instead, browse our robust selection and place your order today.

Battery When you’re taking on rugged terrain while doing the dirtiest jobs or pushing your Jeep to its limits on the trail during your weekend excursions, the last thing you need is your Jeep car battery calling it quits. Whether you need a replacement to get back on the road or want a solid upgrade, browse’s selection of car batteries for sale online. From beefy models that power your machine and all its extras to dependable workhorses, we’ve got what you need to stay in gear. Add one of our Jeep battery chargers to extend your power cells’ life or a battery cutoff switch from our stock to preserve the charge and enhance your vehicle’s safety.

Battery Cable

Battery Cutoff Switch A battery cutoff-switch is an absolute must-have for every Jeep owner. If you perform your own maintenance, you need a Jeep battery disconnect switch to be able to work on your vehicle safely. A cutoff switch also allows you to disconnect your battery to prevent unwanted drainage, such as when you have a secondary battery installed. If you’re looking for a simple cutoff switch, then the Hella battery cutoff switch is an excellent choice. With as much time as you’re spending in remote areas, you need to protect your Jeep from long fingers. A battery cutoff switch is an excellent safety device that can prevent someone from stealing your rig. also sells Jeep battery chargers for charging your battery and a helpful battery terminal protector as an extra measure of safety.

Battery Hold Down

Battery Isolator You might not think much about your Jeep's battery as you white-knuckle down the trail, but without it, you're not making to the trail's after-party. That's why carries a wide assortment of the toughest Jeep battery isolators on the market from top brands like Painless Wiring and Westin. Upgrading your rig's electrical system can be a great way to get more power for clearing a new trail. Whether you need to swap out your Jeep battery terminal protector or you're looking for a new battery tray for Jeep Wranglers, has them in stock and ready to ship to you. We even have the dual battery relays you've been searching for, so why not take a look around and order something today.

Battery Tray Off-roading requires you to carry around safety and recovery equipment that can cause drainage to your battery. Lights and winches are only some of the things that are responsible for this. As someone who spends a lot of time in the backcountry, you know that you should always carry around a secondary battery and’s Jeep battery trays allow you to do just that. If you don’t want to risk getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, get yourself one of our sturdy off-road dual battery trays so you can make room for a secondary starting or deep-cycle battery. If you don’t have a secondary battery yet, check out our selection of excellent Jeep batteries. And with our Jeep fuses for sale, you can add extra accessories to your rig.

Circuit Breaker

Firewall Grommet When you think about “firewalls,” your mind might immediately go to computers. However, if you’re an avid jeeper, then your mind might just conjure up the image of Jeep firewall grommets. These small yet significant pieces are used throughout your Jeep in order to lead wires and hoses from point A to point B reliably. Jeep firewall boots and their associated parts may be used in conjunction with a Jeep battery cutoff switch and battery chargers, or they can be used to set up a new stereo or even run a new fuel line if you’re doing a bit of customization. They might be small parts, but they’re crucial to the overall operation of your ride.

Fuse Jeepers know to be ready for anything when off-roading, and that extends all the way down to protecting your Jeep’s circuits. A good fuse, properly installed, can be a shield against excessive current to protect sensitive components, and has spare Jeep fuses for batteries that you can rely on. From trusted aftermarket manufacturers, these fuses fit most Jeep fuse blocks for quick replacement, are designed for easy inspection, and come in a variety of sizes and current ratings, from the most heavy duty cartridges to mini-fuses for your Jeep Wrangler. For further wiring tasks, carries Jeep Wrangler firewall grommets to protect and secure wires in your custom project.

Fuse Block Your Jeep's stock equipment is fine if you plan on heading down stock trails, but for everyone else, swapping out your gear for high-powered replacements is part of the fun. Be sure your Jeep fuse blocks are up to the challenge by upgrading them with only the best high-quality aftermarket and OEM replacements. knows your electrical system is only as good as its fuses, which is why we have the finest Jeep fuses for sale at the best prices. Our vast inventory of Jeep parts includes everything you need to take your electrical system to the next level, whether you need a pre-wired fuse block or a firewall grommet. We have what you're looking for, so order it today!

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