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 Transfer Case Adapter Kit

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

A transfer case adapter kit includes the adapter, gaskets and all of the necessary hardware to mate your transmission to different transfer cases. Advance Adapters and Trail Gear are among the top manufacturers of adapter kits for 4x4s and they replace your stock transfer case or pair with a crawl box to create a dual transfer case. Trail Gear’s Trail-Creeper single transfer case adapter features a 4.70 low range gear set and is available with a 21 or 23 spline input gear. Their special triple drilled flanges are installed on your 4x4s front and rear output to adapt any style driveshaft accompanying flange.

Building a Jeep from scratch is a thrilling experience. Not only can you get to know every inch of your rig, you can fully customize it to tackle any off-road challenge. Nonetheless, when trying to build a beast, you likely find not all parts fit together securely. 4WD.com has the transmission-to-transfer case adapters you need to finish your build.

Make Your Transmission Fit
If you are attempting to upgrade your rig, you might need some assistance to make your new transmission fit into your old Jeep. For a machine that delivers powers to all wheels, you might need a Jeep Wrangler 2WD to 4WD conversion kit. If you only want to fill a gap, a transfer case adapter plate might solve the problem. Either way, when trying to fit a transmission or other components into your Jeep rebuild, you may need to rely on jeep transmission adapters.

Purchase Factory-Grade Components
You probably don't want your Jeep rebuild to turn out like Frankenstein's monster. Instead, you want each system to work seamlessly with the others. Whether you need a 700R4 to Dana 300 adapter, an NP205 transfer case adapter or another type of transmission adapter, we have you covered. Our inventory includes factory-grade components from manufacturers you already know and trust. Choose from Crown Automotive, Advance Adapter and other top brands. If you are unsure which adapter your rig needs, you can depend on the expertise of our knowledgeable customer service professionals for assistance.

Pay the Best Price
Here at 4WD.com, we know you would rather be off-roading than searching for the best prices on Jeep parts and accessories. With our 4WD Hardware Best Price Guarantee, you don't have to comparison shop. Rather, you can order with confidence, knowing if you find your parts at a lower price somewhere else, we'll gladly send you a refund. With our extensive inventory of transmission adapters, you don't have to wait to order the parts you need to finish your Jeep build. Shop our selection and place your order today.

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