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Jeep Transfer Case Shift Linkages

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    TeraFlex Shift Linkage Adapter

    TeraFlex Shift Linkage Adapter

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    Shifting into 4WD mode gives your Jeep the extra traction needed to navigate slick terrain or muddy trails. Its transfer case linkage ensures that happens smoothly and consistently. When your shifter linkage develops a fault, count on 4WD.com to supply you. Get sound advice from our experienced prods, and choose the right Jeep transfer case linkage kit for your machine.

    Keep Your Jeep Ready for Any Conditions
    Like many avid jeepers, you pay attention to installing superior grade parts into your machine. You want to squeeze out extra utility, improve performance values or just plain be prepared for anything your off-roading throws at you. Whether you want to upgrade your 4-wheel drive linkage components from OEM versions, swap out parts to accommodate a dropped transfer case or solve performance or functionality problems like that annoying rattle during idle or linkages popping out when moving over to four-wheel drive, 4WD has the best repair kits and replacement parts for your Jeep.

    Top-Rated Aftermarket Brands
    We only source components and kits from respected aftermarket brands. Crown Automotive has supplied riders with replacement Jeep parts for over 50 years, rigorously every product to make sure it delivers in every aspect of performance demanded by the rough conditions of jeeping. TeraFlex is also a Jeep parts specialist, dedicated to crafting premium-quality suspension systems, body armor, heavy-duty axles and performance-grade shocks since the 1950s. These are just a couple examples of the top-rated names we carry at 4WD.com, and part of our commitment to supplying off-roaders like you with the gear you need.

    Don't Forget About Our Price Guarantee
    At 4WD.com, we understand our jeepers. You want to get back in gear quickly, and we've got the parts and prices to help you do that. Don't forget that our Hardware Best Price Guarantee covers our entire inventory, so if your find your replacements elsewhere at better prices, we match it and issue a refund.

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    In your off-roading exploits, you Jeep often requires extra traction. After all, that’s why you bought a four-wheel drive vehicle, right? The transfer case lets you shift into four-wheel drive mode, and every component in that system needs to be in the best condition possible. When you need to swap out your transfer case shift linkage, get it from 4WD.com.

    Premium 4x4 Shifter Linkage Components
    As a jeeping enthusiast, procuring the best parts and accessories is a high priority. To make sure you get nothing but superior-grade quality, shop 4WD.com’s selection of repair kits, linkage kits and adapters for your vehicle. With these items, you successfully rectify common types of shifter linkage faults such as rattle during idle, or the popping out of your vehicle’s linkages.

    Aftermarket Brands That Make the Grade
    When you need a Jeep transfer case linkage kit or other accessories, browse our stock and find first-class products from Crown Automotive and TeraFlex. Since 1963, Crown Automotive has provided top-quality components that deliver the durability, reliability and performance values riders need to stand up to rough terrain and other conditions. TeraFlex is another respected aftermarket company creating suspension components, body pieces, axles and shocks for off-roaders for over 60 years. Those are just two of the brands you’ll find at 4WD.com, and sourcing superior-grade components that outperform OEM versions is just one of the ways we’re committed to serving jeepers.

    Get the Best Deals With Our Price Guarantee
    Of course, 4WD.com’s huge selection of top-quality gear isn’t the only reason to shop with us. We also have our 4WD.com 90-Day Price Guarantee, which translates into the best deals on components in the industry. If you find your items elsewhere at a lower price, we match that price and refund you the difference. For our customers in the Armed Forces, we also have our exclusive military discounts.