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 Manual Trans Shifter Assembly

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

Your Jeep’s gearbox is one of its key components. Although you strive to keep every system in your vehicle at peak performance, the demands of the jeeping life means that you’ll need to eventually swap out parts. When you require trans assembly gear for your four-wheel drive vehicle, skip the other suppliers and get it from

The Best Manual Transmission Shifter Components
The manual transmission is one of the most critical systems inside your Jeep. You reap specific benefits from a manual gearbox as opposed to an automatic transmission. Its components usually price out to be cheaper, you benefit from improved fuel economy and you enjoy far better control over your Jeep’s performance. Of course, none of that matters if your Jeep transmission shifter develops a fault. Choose your replacements from for durability, reliability and performance that exceeds OEM standards.

Superior-Grade Aftermarket Gear and Jeep Factory Suppliers
We only source our gear from the best suppliers in the industry. Take a look at our stock, which includes top brands such as B&M Racing. Active since the early 1950s, B&M has catered to racers and street performance enthusiasts by providing components such as torque converters, shifter accessories and the Precision Sport Manual Transmission Shifter. Alongside respected makers like B&M, we stock parts like the Jeep Shifter Tower Assembly, crafted from parts provided by Jeep factory suppliers. With such attention to detail and quality like this, you know you’ll get gear that stands up to the rigors of your off-roading lifestyle.

Don’t Forget About Our Best Price Guarantee
Besides the huge selection we carry at, you’ll also enjoy great deals thanks to our exclusive 90-Day Hardware Best Price Guarantee. If you find your components anywhere else at a lower price, we match it and then refund you the difference. Our Armed Forces customers also save money, thanks to our military personnel discounts.

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