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Upgrading your Jeep with the right accessories is the only way to keep it ready to roll in practically any situation that might lie ahead. While most modern Jeeps have built-in 4WD capabilities, there are still a handful of models that don’t. However, that doesn’t mean 4 wheel drive capabilities are beyond your grasp. Accessorizing the right way and adding a set of Jeep YJ locking hubs allows you to temporarily transform your Jeep into one with 4 wheel drive capabilities, so you can reach your next destination on your own terms.

Choosing Your Converter
When you go to choose your converter from the options we offer in our online store, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to research which parts will fit your Jeep. While most parts used for a Mile Marker Dana 30 hub conversion are standard in size, it never hurts to make absolutely sure you’re investing in the right parts. Next, you’ll want to select your brand. At, we offer conversion kits from leading brands like Alloy and TeraFlex to ensure you’re always getting the best of the best concerning quality.

Installation Tips
If you want your installation to go as smoothly as possible, you can follow a few simple tips. For example, gather the right safety gear and tools ahead of time. Then, double-check to ensure you have all of the parts you’ll need to make the new part work right. Then, remember that if you’re performing this project on an automatic, you’ll also need to replace your wheel bearing adjusting nuts. Taking care of each of these steps before beginning your 35x12 50r20 conversion helps you avoid common issues, mistakes and roadblocks later on.

Getting the Best Price
At, we’re always looking out for the best interests of our customers. Avid Jeepers like yourself deserve to get the parts needed for a Dana 30 manual hub conversion within your budget, without worrying about overspending. That’s why we offer an excellent price guarantee. If you happen to find a better deal somewhere else within 90 days of your purchase, we’ll match the bargain.

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