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 Manual Trans Rebuild Kit

Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

A manual transmission rebuild kit has the synchro rings, splines, gaskets, bearings and more to transform your transmission instantly and offer better performance on and off-road. 4WD carries rebuild kits from Trail Gear and Crown Automotive that give you the components to complete the job. No matter what your budget is, we have kits that fit a variety of Jeep transmissions ranging from AX5s to AX15s to T5s. Kits fit different budgets and some include syncros and silicon required for sealing. Our expert techs can help you make sure everything lines up with your transmission rebuild so the whole process goes smoothly. "

Every day that you're tearing up the trail or just taking a trip into town, you depend on your Jeep's manual transmission to carry you through. Even the best transmission system has limits, and when yours approaches, you want to be ready to revitalize it. A high-quality Jeep transmission rebuild kit from is a must-have for any DIY jeeper, containing everything you need to bring out your Jeep's potential.

A Truly Comprehensive Kit
Anyone who takes on their own auto repair projects knows the frustration of missing just one part they need to finish the job. When you buy a Jeep Wrangler manual transmission rebuild kit from, you won't face that situation again. From bearings and spacers, to gaskets and seals, you get just what you need in a package that makes overhauling your transmission hassle-free. We have the parts to match your Jeep make and model - and if we don't, we can get them.

Only The Best Parts works with top manufacturers like Crown Automotive and Trail Gear to supply the components in each Jeep Wrangler transmission rebuild kit. Your Jeep demands high-quality parts for its high-end performance, and our manufacturing partners are ready to match those standards. Every piece is newly made and guaranteed for a direct fit with whichever model you choose so you can hit the road like you just bought your Jeep.

Guaranteed Quality, Guaranteed Prices
You don't compromise between quality and cost when shopping at - you get both the high-value parts and the savings. Each product in stock is backed by our 90-day price match guarantee, which means that if you find a competitor selling the same product for less within 90 days of your purchase, we refund you to cover the difference. We make sure to have the best prices around, making it easy for you to get just what your Jeep deserves.

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