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 Jeep OEM Replacement Axle Parts

Jeep OEM Replacement Axle Parts

Looking for out of the way Jeep OEM replacement axle parts? 4WD carries a wide inventory for upgrades on late model or classic Jeeps. Parts include axle hub flanges, differential cases, spindle bushings and many more from top brands like Crown Automotive, Omix-ADA and Dorman. Whether you’re looking to replace a front or rear axle, these parts are heavy-duty, precision engineered to thrive despite that abuse the trail heaps on your ride. Parts can be individual or kits to ensure you’re building your replacement axle to original specifications. Whether your last white-knuckle trail run left you needing to rebuild your entire front axle or you just need to replace your rear axle differential housing, has the OEM Jeep axle parts you need at the lowest prices. From spindle nuts to axle housing shims, we have everything you need from the top brands, like Crown Automotive and Dorman.

Keep Your 4WD Engaged
When you're sitting at the base of a sidehill contemplating your attack angle, you don't want to spend time worrying about your 4WD staying engaged. That's why you upgraded your stock Jeep front axle parts with the high-quality OEM parts available at We stock axle shift forks manufactured by the leading Jeep OEM suppliers of Crown Automotive, Omix-ADA and RT Off-Road to the exacting specifications of your original Jeep equipment. They're available individually, or in kits, so you only pay for what you need. understands that your full-throttle jeeping requires parts that aren't afraid to take on the gnarliest trails, which is why we only sell parts that are up to the challenge.

Rugged Axle Parts Both Large and Small
A Jeep that can't off-road is a Jeep that's only half-alive. Let get your Jeep back on the trail where it belongs with our vast assortment of Jeep off road parts and equipment, including spider gears. Your spider gears are vital to the smooth operation of your axels differentials, and has you covered when you're looking to upgrade them. Manufactured by Jeep and Crown Automotive, you can rely on our center differential gear kits to take your off-roading to the next level without flinching.

Don't go off-roading with second-best parts. With the premium aftermarket and OEM parts available at, you can upgrade your Jeep and stop worrying about breaking down on the trail. Our 4 Wheel Drive Hardware price Guarantee means you'll get the lowest prices without having to waste your time shopping around. So, order your parts today and get back out on the trail.<

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