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Detroit Locker

Although it is now an Eaton brand, Detroit revolutionized performance differentials. Detroit differentials have the best reputation in the business for allowing you the traction you need whenever and where ever you need it; in snow, on the trail, through mud or over rocks. No matter where you are in the world, you will find Detroit differentials used by off-road drivers as well as by professional racers. When you are talking about Detroit differentials, durability is the by word.Your Jeep can already handle slick pavement and loose gravel, but serious off-road driving requires a hardware upgrade. A Detroit locking differential is the toughest internal gear you can buy for your axles. They distribute even power to your wheels and hold firm regardless of how heavy you are on the throttle.

The Original Locking Differential
The Detroit locker design has been around since 1941. This hardware was originally designed to keep six-wheel military vehicles moving across the battle lines of Europe. Off-road drivers of all stripes were quick to adopt these indestructible gears.

Modern versions have been adapted to fit just about every application, but they all have the same rugged endurance. Varying axle sizes and gear ratios take advantage of the locker's smooth actuation and firm grip. Find exactly the right fit and application for your rig in our Detroit locker parts list.

Bragging Rights
On the original design, a loud banging noise could be heard when the gears locked and unlocked. That was a normal part of the operation of the heavy mechanical parts. It served a secondary purpose to let everyone know that your Jeep was outfitted with the best lockup differential on the market.

Today, parts are made with much better tolerances and attention to details. The differential still sends some feedback to the driver, but the loud thumping from the underneath of the vehicle is muted. Instead of shocking the neighbors with your driveline, show off your gear with a Detroit locker sticker.

Order Your Parts Today
We are ready to supply you with the parts and accessories you need to install your Detroit locker. Order your parts from our website today. In addition to the best differential gears in the business, we also give you our price match guarantee. If you find another Detroit locker at a lower price, we refund you the difference.

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