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Jeep Spare Tire Carriers & Accessories

The full-sized exterior spare tire is part of a Jeep's iconic look, but it provides much more than aesthetics. As jeepers, we know how fun it is to head out on the off-road trails, but we also understand how easy it is to get a flat in the middle of nowhere. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you'll be glad you don't have to limp back to civilization with a donut on one wheel. has all of the Jeep tire carrier accessories you need to make a quick change and get back on the trail.

Secure Mounting of Your Tire
You experience a lot of bouncing and vibration as you climb the rocks and hills of your favorite trail, which is why you want a tire carrier that keeps your extra wheel securely in place. works with Curt, TeraFlex, Omix and other manufacturers to provide jeepers with solid racks that can stand up to all of your off-road abuse.

Add Storage and Accessories
While your tire rack mainly serves to store your extra wheel, it also presents an opportunity to further customize your Jeep with carrier accessories. Storage containers fit right behind your spare to provide some extra cargo capacity for tools and other essentials. Jeep bumper packages replace your factory bumpers and provide a sleek new look. You can even get a third brake light antenna mount kit to boost your communication ability without drilling holes in more sensitive areas.

Premium Parts at Unbeatable Prices
When it's time for a performance upgrade to your 4x4, has an unrivaled selection of spare tire carriers, bumpers for Jeeps and other quality accessories. You can always make your purchases confidently, as our 4Wheel Drive Hardware price guarantee covers any item in our catalog for up to 90 days. With the burden of comparison shopping lifted from your shoulders, place an order today as soon as you find a product that meets your needs.

Spare Tire Carrier Adapter Jeeping is unpredictable. One minute you’re enjoying the trail, the next minute your tire is punctured by a rock. That’s why you should always equip your rig with a spare tire. If you want to make sure your ride is always up to the task, get your hands on a Jeep spare tire carrier adapter from You can also get convenient Jeep tire relocation brackets if you don’t want a tire carrier. We have everything you need from Jeep spare tire carrier mounts to spare tire carrier delete plates. Don’t get stuck somewhere without a spare tire. Get all the equipment you need from so you’re ready to handle whatever the trail throws at you.

Spare Tire Carrier Delete Plates

Spare Tire Carrier Mount Be prepared for the unexpected with a durable Jeep spare tire carrier mount from We carry adjustable spare tire mounting kit options that withstand off-roading rigors while keeping your spare securely affixed to your rig. Heavy-duty selections from TeraFlex permit easy rear cargo access and effortlessly haul oversized tires. Corrosion-resistant steel alternatives from CURT Manufacturing come equipped with black powdercoat finishes and multiple shank holes for added clearance, while high-quality support brackets from Omix-ADA and Warrior Products are easily installed and deliver enduring performance. Enter your details into the drop-down to view compatible Wrangler spare tire storage container assortments and Jeep auto trans filter kit choices. Place your order today to enhance your jeeping experience.

Spare Tire Relocation Kit

Spare Tire Storage Container Don’t allow a compromised tire or a mechanical issue to bring your off-roading experience to a halt. Gear storage boxes for Jeep from enable you to haul the tools and equipment you need to deal with any challenge that comes your way. We carry reinforced, weather-resistant and easily accessible Jeep recovery storage bag and box options from leading brands such as Rugged Ridge and Hi-Lift Jack Company. Looking to remove or replace your spare tire carrier? Use our Select Vehicle menu to view compatible spare tire carrier delete plates and spare tire carrier mount selections. Order now to outfit your rig, make the most of your available space and boost your drive.

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