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Parking Brake Adjuster Spring The primary role of the emergency/parking brake is ensuring your ride stays where you leave it. It can also function as a backup should you experience brake failure, so it’s a good idea to repair this component right away if it wears out or sustains damage. Parking brake hardware kits are handy to have around, and you can find them at We feature kits from Dorman and Crown Automotive that include the Jeep brake adjuster spring and other necessities you’ll need to get the job done. carries a full line of OEM and replacement brake parts, including a parking brake lever boot, along with a Jeep parking brake cable and more. Order online today and we’ll get your parts on their way.

Parking Brake Cable The parking brake is a vital part of every vehicle but is even more important when off-roading, racing or towing, or when parking on inclines. If your parking brake doesn’t hold your Jeep properly anymore, the parking brake does not function or the parking brake light comes on, it is time to replace your parking brake cable or Jeep parking brake cable spring with a Parking brake kit for Jeep Wranglers or one of our parking brake kits. has the Jeep brake cable for sale you need to get your Jeep off-road ready again. We only sell Jeep brake parts from all the premium brands you’ve come to know and love.

Parking Brake Cable Spring As an off-road enthusiast you understand that your Jeep’s parking brake is a vital part of your rig. After all, it’s safety that matters most. Sooner or later it’s time to replace the old and worn-out parking brake parts of your Jeep with a quality Jeep parking brake cable, parking brake spring kit or Jeep parking brake shoe. Furthermore, if you hardly ever use your emergency brake, your brake cables could rust and seize in their housings. has the Jeep brake cable spring for sale that you need so you can finally hit the trails again with confidence.  Springs, cables, shoes, adjuster springs and kits, we have it all.

Parking Brake Kit It’s easy to spot a parking brake in need of replacement. If you notice that your parking brake doesn’t hold your Jeep anymore or the parking brake light comes on, you need premium Jeep parking brake kits and a quality parking brake hardware kit that are heavy-duty enough to live up to your unique demands. Don’t worry! You came to the right place. has everything you need to get yourself back on the trails soonest. Be sure to also get yourself an Omix-ADA, Dorman or Jeep parking brake strut and a sturdy Jeep parking brake lever to finish your braking job and regain full confidence in your off-road rig.

Parking Brake Lever You rely on your Jeep’s parking brake every time you get onto the road and, more importantly, hit the backcountry trails. If your Jeep parking brake lever failed or you simply desire to upgrade to an even better one, you need a high-quality Omix-ADA or Jeep OE replacement item from Our Jeep parking brake rear lever is a factory style replacement part that gets your Jeep off-road ready again. If you’re looking for a Jeep parking brake strut or Jeep parking brake cable spring, we have that, too. We want you to be safe wherever life takes you and that’s why we sell only the best Jeep brake parts.

Parking Brake Lever Boot A parking brake lever boot is used to provide stylish protection for an important safety feature on your vehicle. A Jeep parking brake lever boot not only improves the look and feel of a Jeep parking brake lever, but also offers protection for crucial components like the Jeep parking brake cable from damage or moisture originating within the cabin of your vehicle. A replacement parking brake rear dust boot can be an easy way to cover the machinery that allows your emergency brake to operate and improve the appearance of the interior cabin of your rig. Look for a parking brake lever boot suited to your model with our Select Vehicle search tool.

Parking Brake Shoe Parking brake shoes play an important part in keeping your vehicle from rolling after you engage the parking or emergency brake. 4WD carries several brands’ versions of a parking brake shoe set and makes it easy to order a parking brake kit for Jeep Wranglers that can restore the operational condition of this important feature on your vehicle. If your vehicle has rear brake rotors or disc brakes and these shoes have worn down to 30% or less of their original thickness, you should look for the right Jeep brake shoe for sale. If your vehicle has drum brakes on the rear wheels, you may want to replace the Jeep parking brake strut.

Parking Brake Strut A parking brake strut can restore the leverage necessary to operate a Jeep parking brake lever in a vehicle with drum brakes. Over time, a Jeep parking brake strut can wear down and become corroded or damaged. When you order an emergency brake equalizer bar, you can purchase this pat in a suitable length for various sizes of brakes and designed to work with the left and right brakes. This strut contributes the leverage necessary to operate the emergency or parking brake. You can restore a similar type of functionality to vehicles with disc or rotor brakes by tracking down a Jeep parking brake shoe that fits your rig. Rely on our Select Vehicle tool to find the right replacement parts.