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 Brake Proportioning Valve

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Whatever model Jeep you drive, the brakes all work the same way in terms of energy. It requires less energy to stop the rear wheels from rotating than it does the front wheels. If the same amount of braking power were applied to the rear and front wheels, the rear wheels might lock up. So when you're doing a brake job on your own Jeep, a brake proportioning valve is an essential part. 4WD carries replacement brake proportioning valves from JeepĀ® plus aftermarket valves from top manufacturers like Stainless Steel Brakes and Inline.

Working on your Jeep is a labor of love. Even good dependable vehicles need some TLC. When you are crushing mountain trails or slogging through muddy ravines, you need to know you have stopping power. Jeep proportioning valve problems cause your rear brakes to lock up on wet surfaces. has high-quality replacement parts that keep your rig performing at the highest level.

Proportioning Valve
Located in the disc braking system, your Jeep's proportioning valve controls the braking pressure between the front and rear brakes. Equal brake force cannot be applied to all of your wheels or the rear wheels will lock up. The proportioning valve regulates the pressure applied to the rear brakes. If your rear brakes are sensitive or locking up, especially on wet surfaces, you need to replace your proportioning valve.

Replacing the Proportioning Valve
Repairs on most Jeeps are straightforward. This valve is a three-part unit. It contains the metering valve, pressure differential valve and brake pressure warning switch. The unit needs to be replaced if any of these functions fail. Thankfully, it is an easy repair. Before starting, invest in quality parts. offers top of the line brands like inline tube and stainless steel brakes. We know it is important that your Jeep function at its best ability.

The valve is located under the driver's position attached to the frame rail. Disconnect the brake lines at the valve and plug them. Remove the valve and replace it with a new one. You will need to bleed the system before reconnecting the brake line.

When you are out jeeping, it is important that your rig stops as well as it goes. Perform regular tune-ups and buy all your parts from us. Here at, we stock the best performance products for your Jeep, so whether you are cruising to work or exploring new terrain, your Jeep functions at its best.

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