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ABS Reluctor Ring No need to slide on wet or snowy roads; with a good braking system, you can maneuver your behemoth Jeep with ease. Conquer the roads by making sure your ABS braking components are operating at full capacity. 4WD.com has the best ABS brake components for Jeep from manufacturers like Alloy USA, Artec Industries, Dana Spicer, Dorman and Omix-Ada. With everything moving like a well-oiled machine, your brakes won't lock up during heavy use. A Jeep ABS reluctor ring is an integral part that can be delivered straight to your door without delay. Or, Jeep ABS wheel speed sensors keep your brakes supple and responsive for a long period of time so you can hit the brakes at high speeds and come to a complete stop even in the foulest weather.

ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) works hard to keep you safe while you’re on the move on those backroads and mountain trails, as well as on the city pavement. From the Jeep anti-lock brake control unit to the Jeep ABS reluctor ring, each and every part of this system has to be in tip-top shape to ensure the system is working as it should. That’s why you need to keep a weather eye out for damage to your Wrangler ABS brake components while you’re taking care of your regular maintenance duties. The main ABS brake components for Jeep to watch for is the wheel speed sensor, which is the part that makes the entire system work correctly and reliably.