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Beams Industries Inc

Since 1953, Beams Industries Inc. has professionally manufactured lap belts and their famous lock seat belts. These are particularly suited for off-roaders who go on challenging rides and require the support of strong and firm fitting mountings. They’re the best you can select in terms of security, stability and maneuverability and Jeep lovers appreciate the dedication the manufacturers have used to design such protective accessories. Top selling products are retractable and non-retractable laps and many tie down components. Beams’ customers range from schools to fire departments to heavy vehicles and even emergency vehicles.

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Beam's Industries 3-Point Shoulder Harness Belts

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Beam's Standard 60 Inch Lap Belts

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Beam's Industries Retractable Lap Seat Belts

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Beams Industries Tri-Lock Seat Belts

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Beam's Industries Seatbelt Extenders

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