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Make Sure It Fits Your Vehicle

Jeep body tubs are steel or high-grade fiberglass and because they are bedrock components they typically require professional installation. They can match with your specific modifications and may be painted to match your Jeep. 4WD exclusively carries Omix-Ada brand body tubs and these reliable replacements vary in price depending on our Jeep model. The fact is Jeep bodies get knicked, bruised and battered out on the trail and upgrading with a replacement body tub can restore your rig to its original glory. Body tub kits have all of the essential parts that allow you to assemble a reproduction body for your off-roader that will rival anything else out there.

Smooth riding and superior dependability is the name of the game when it comes to Jeeps. Rust is not only visually irritating, but it can affect the performance of your vehicle. Luckily, offers the best products on the market, so you can get a brand new fiberglass jeep body to keep your ride looking fantastic. Choose from the best manufacturers on the market, including GenRight and Omix-Ada. 

Durability Without the Hassle
One of the most appealing thing about fiberglass body tubs is that they don't corrode easily under pressure, be it heavy snowfall or drenching rain. In fact, because they are not made of metal you can expect to go on plenty of off-roading adventures without having a speck of rust appear. is the online store to visit to find a fiberglass jeep tub with a perfect fit. Universal fits are available, so no matter the type of jeep you have, installation will be a breeze. 

A Flashy and Strong Jeep Body
While not metal, aluminum or steel, a 4wd fiberglass tub can last you just as many years. Fiberglass tends to be significantly more affordable than these materials, giving jeep lovers everywhere the opportunity to maintain their cherished possession no matter their budget. 

Expertly welded by the best designers in the industry, a fiberglass jeep tub is the ultimate restoration accessory that can really make a big impact on your vehicle. You can cruise the roads with pride knowing that your Jeep is the best looking car in the neighborhood. Better yet, experts are standing by to help with any installation questions you may have once you have purchased your product.

Get an Unbeatable Deal
The car lovers at are on a mission to provide auto enthusiasts everywhere with superior service. Military discounts and a 4Wheel Drive Hardware Guarantee are available with your purchase. Take some time to browse and explore everything that is possible today.

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