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Body Kit Upgrades for Your Jeep Wrangler

Although any jeeper will say the thing he or she loves most about a Jeep is driving it, truthfully, modifying it ranks right up there also. Wrenching on your Jeep in the garage often is as satisfying as riding through the toughest trails. When it comes to riding, improvements need to be functional, which means mounting, winching and storage capacity integrated into common body components such as a bumper, a Wrangler tailgate, or a swing-away tire carrier. You can either install individual components one-at-a-time, or you can acquire all of the components at once and install them at the same time.

Front bumpers

A front bumper for a Jeep provides a platform for storage and utility. There are several types of front bumpers available, including traditional, tubular and modular. Most aftermarket bumpers feature mount points or plate for a winch and a strong construction from thick, cold-rolled steel to ensure durability and high performance out on the toughest trails. A stock, bolt-on bumper replacement is simple to install and usually requires no drilling or fabrication. A tubular, modular, or reinforced bumper will often require fabrication to successfully install on your Jeep.

Rear bumpers

You can find a rear bumper that is compatible with your existing Wrangler tailgate, or install a bumper with its own integrated cargo system or winch mount. Depending on where you want to go and what you want to carry, your Jeep's rear bumper needs to be fully functional. If you plan to make your Jeep an off-road tow vehicle, find a rear bumper system that can accommodate a tow hitch or a tow receiver. As with front bumper systems, rear bumpers come in traditional, tubular and modular designs to fit various intensities of off-road driving.

Tailgate and tire carriers

There may be times when you need to replace or upgrade your stock Wrangler tailgate. A stock tailgate replacement will bolt directly into place, or you can upgrade to a unit that features a fixed or swing-away tire carrier. Having a full-sized spare tire can be invaluable out on the trail and the best place to carry the spare is on a dedicated rack outside of the vehicle. This maximizes interior cargo space and keeps the spare secure as you drive. Other accessories for the rear tailgate include a gas or water can carrier, an additional cargo rack and other storage solutions.

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