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Off-Road Parts

Tires and wheels probably aren’t the only off-road truck and Jeep parts that you’re looking for. Though there may be a wide range of manufacturers and retailers to choose from, it’s hard to know who you can trust to get the high quality parts you want at the price you deserve.

  • Meet the Northwest Xterra Club 450+ people who love to wheel and get outdoors & learn if Xterra is the right rig for you

    The Nissan Xterra isn't precisely the first to come to mind when you think of an off-roading rig, but we sat down with the Northwest Xterra Club to talk shop and learned there's a lot more than meets the eye to this oft-overlooked 4x4. See what they had to say and learn more about the Xterra's off-road capabilities.

  • Bolt Pattern Guide, ford, chevy, gmc, toyota, Nissan

    We built this guide to help you find the right wheels for your truck based on the bolt pattern of your year, make and model. Whether you drive a Chevy/GMC, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, I.H.C., Jeep, Nissan or Suzuki, we’ve got you covered.

  • Gear Ratio Guide - Gear and Tire Diameter Ratio

    When ever you change tire size from the original size to another there will be a direct effect on power and drivability. We have developed this chart to help you select the optimum gear ratio to put your performance back where you want it.

  • Choosing the Right Work 

Truck Accessories

    Pickup trucks are one of the most popular vehicles in the United States, and for many they’re more than a way to get from A to B – their pickup truck is a mobile office. Spending your 9 to 5 in your truck means it needs to be tailored to your job with the right accessories, inside and out. It’s in these customizations that the rugged power of the all-American pickup comes together with the comfort and efficiency you need to get the job done.

  • Pro Comp Stressing Safety One Part at a Time

    Pro Comp’s 4-inch long-travel suspension kit on a 2014 Toyota Tundra underwent FMVSS testing in Arizona and passed certification. This is the first time a manufacturer has successfully passed the safety test for a performance suspension part.

  • How to Change or Plug a Flat Tire

    Flats happen, whether you're on or off the road, and they are never the sign of a good day ahead. However, a flat doesn't have to be a gigantic hassle - our five steps to dealing with a flat tire can help you get back to where you're going fast. Check them out and print the infographic for your glove box!

  • Reminding you to drive safely throughout the holiday season.

    The holiday season is in full swing, with many people travelling for Christmas and New Year's to visit friends and family. As the weather turns colder and wetter, it is important that we all remember to be safe. Read Greg Ewart’s story as a reminder to stay alert on the roads this holiday season.

  • Hydro Dipping Your Jeep & Truck Accessories

    A custom paint job is the difference between every other all-black JK or silver-accented F-150 and the rig with the camo wheels and bumpers you’ve always wanted. Instead of emptying your wallet for a specialty paint job, customize your truck, Jeep or SUV by getting your parts and accessories hydro dipped through your local 4 Wheel Parts store.

  • Choosing the Right On-Board Air

    As 4x4 owners, we put a great deal of thought into the parts we install on our vehicles and we know it's important to carry on-board air to inflate tires on the trail – whether you’ve aired down for difficult terrain or repaired an unfortunate flat. Use this guide to decide which kind of on-board air system is best for you.

  • EPA Slows the Roll of Coal

    The Environmental Protection Agency has spoken out against pickup trucks laying on the gas and “rolling coal” from exhausts or stacks. EPA press secretary Liz Purchia recently stated that rolling coal violates emissions standards and is a violation of the Clean Air Act.

  • DECKED Truck Bed Organizers are perfect for work or play, making storage and transportation easy.

    DECKED spent years perfecting a product which exemplifies the 4 Wheel Parts high standard of quality, going above and beyond to create a truck bed organizer that takes storage to the next level. DECKED Truck Bed Organizers are perfect for work or play – see how they make storage and transportation easy.

  • G2 replacement Jeep and truck axle shaft.

    Many factors contribute to the strength of any aftermarket axle shaft. This guide will help you switch out your OEM axle for the strongest replacement axle shaft on the market to suit your off-roading needs.

  • Suspension Lift Kit Know-how
    Suspension Lift Kit Knowhow - Your Lift Kit How-to Guide

    Suspension Lift Kit Knowhow Parts 1

  • Suspension Buyers’ Guide, Ford truck Suspension
    Suspension Buyers Guide - Jeep, Ford, Chevy and Leveling Kits Guide

    Here, we give you a quick breakdown of Rancho, Pro Comp, ARB, Superlift, Metal Mulisha, Skyjacker and more popular suspension systems. Whether your Ford truck, Chevy or Jeep is your daily driver, a weekend off-roader, a hauler or a dedicated work 4x4, you can use our suspension buyers' guide to help decide which suspension system best suits your needs.
    Jeep Suspension Ford Suspension Chevy Suspension Leveling Kits

  • Putting Fun to Work - WARN ATV Plows

    WARN ATV plows come with a plethora of options to suit your budget and cover the majority of popular ATV models. Learn more about the components included.

  • Why Use a Smittybilt Winch

    Why do so many off-road vehicles utilize Smittybilt winches? Learn about the benefits and uses of winches and how they apply to off-roading trips.

  • Maximize Your Riding Experience with ATV Tires and Wheels

    In order to fully enjoy your new ATV you must have the proper equipment and accessories. Having a new ATV with customized ATV wheels and tires will be sure to turn heads and make the best use of your riding experience.

  • Buyer’s Guide for Performance Parts and Accessories for Your Truck or SUV

    Learn about the various add-ons and custom parts for your truck or SUV. Find out how to manage your expenses while staying within your budget. This is a must-read for anyone looking into truck or SUV performance parts.

  • Ford F-150 Lift Kits for the Budget-Minded

    Looking to take your Ford F-150 to new heights with a new set of lift kits without breaking your bank account, and without sacrificing great quality? The F-150 Premium Lift Kit from Performance Accessories may be your

  • MBRP Exhaust Systems

    MBRP is a well-renowned manufacturer of Jeep and truck performance parts and accessories. Read how it all began.

  • Jeep & Truck Buyer's Guides, Reviews, & Expert Opinions

    An in-depth directory of buyer’s guides, reviews, experts opinions and more. Our experts have complied a number of helpful guides for choosing and using various Jeep, SUV, and truck parts and accessories.

  • Preparing for Winter with the Right Truck & Jeep Accessories

    Are you ready for winter? From tires to floor mats to Jeep tops, we're showcasing all of the winter accessories that are going to make a huge difference in your winter treks!

    Part 1 -- Part 2

  • Lift Kits Suspensions

    You see them all the time: light trucks, sport utility vehicles, Jeeps, and more, coasting down the highway, sitting atop towering truck suspension lift kits and sporting a set of tires so big that a person could live in them. If you’re the curious type looking to lift up your own rig, a more important question than “How do I get my ride to do that” is "Why should my ride do that?"

  • Truck and Wheels

    Steel, cast alloy, or forged alloy wheels – the choices are few, but getting the right set for your vehicle could prove a bit more complicated if you don´t know the difference. Whether you´re aiming for some lightweight wheels that offer maximum shine, or going for a more heavy duty option to handle that off-road workload, it pays to know what type of wheel will best suit your needs.

  • Jeep Tops

    Finding new Jeep tops for your vehicle should be fun, especially with so many options available. Whether you’re looking for sporty half top-style Jeep tops, or want the protective shell provided by hard tops, modifying your vehicle with stylish and functional Jeep tops is one of the best advantages of owning a Jeep.

  • Jeep Winch - XRC Winch

    Choosing Jeep winches can be a difficult task given the number of available options and the criteria involved in choosing the right winch. Smittybilt XRC-8 Winches are a viable option if you are looking to stay within 8,000 pouinds of line pull.

  • Tire Wheel Package

    4 Wheel Parts makes shopping for wheels and tires easier than ever with its intuitive tire package builder tool. See for yourself how it can help you put together the perfect wheel and tire packages in no time!

  • Shock Absorbers - Fabtech Rancho Shocks

    No truck lift kit is complete without a set of premium shocks to reduce suspension impact, and improve ride quality and control. Read our shock absorbers tech overview and see which shocks are right for you.

  • Leveling Kits - Truck Leveling Kit

    Even out your vehicle stance, eliminate unsightly front or rear rake, or add a few more inches of clearance to fit larger tires with one of the most overlooked truck parts: leveling kits.

  • Jeep Tires

    4 Wheel Parts is as much about Jeep as we are trucks, and we have the inside scoop on what you need to know before making a Jeep tire purchase. Familiarize yourself with some of the top name brands in Jeep tires with our exclusive manufacturer overview.

  • Tonneau Covers – Choosing the Right Style for your Truck

    Tonneau covers can be an incredibly effective means of keeping cargo in your truck bed safe from theft and harmful elements, like rain or snow. Figure out which type of tonneau cover is best for you with our side-by-side comparison.

  • Fuel Saving Products & Fuel Saving Tips

    Not only does choosing the right off-road truck and Jeep parts improve the ride of your vehicle, but it can actually help you save gas! Learn how you can improve your fuel economy with simple steps like upgrading your air filter, maintaining the right tire pressure, and more.

  • Tonneau Cover – A Buyer’s Guide various Tonneau Covers

    A tonneau cover offers a variety of benefits including increased gas mileage, a weatherproof design, security for your cargo, and a sleek style, so no matter what happens your truck bed is covered.

  • Jeep Tops – Varying Levels of Protection

    Jeep tops come in all sizes and fashions. Make sure you get the one that offers the protection you need with the help of 4 Wheel Parts.

  • Air Intake Systems – Truck Parts for Power Performance

    Looking for affordable truck parts that will boost the performance of your truck? Air intake systems work to send more cool air to the engine, creating more powerful combustion and allowing your engine to work at maximum efficiency.

  • Jeep Accessories to Make Your Jeep Top Last a Lifetime

    Take proper care of your Jeep top today so that you won't have to replace it tomorrow. We're highlighting some key Jeep accessories that will make both soft and hard tops stay strong for years to come.

  • Dick Cepek Tires: A Foundation in Off-Roading

    Dick Cepek tires were born out of a pure passion for the off-road industry. This is one man's journey to create a better kind of tire for off-roading and how he brought it to the world.

  • Jeep Soft Top Guide

    Half tops, sailcloth, replace-a-to; with so many Jeep soft tops out there, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Use this Jeep soft top guide to break it down into the features that matter most to you.

  • Upgrading your Winch from Wire to Synthetic Rope

    Hard Jeep tops are one of the best ways to combat the snow and ice of another harsh winter. Stronger materials and extra features allow these Jeep tops to outperform their soft counterparts.

  • Upgrading your Winch from Wire to Synthetic Rope

    Browse this list of useful automotive industry links. You’ll find a great resource of automotive aftermarket resources.

  • Shopping for SUV & Truck Rims

    If you're looking for a smoother and a more stabilizing ride, then King Shocks is the right brand for your truck. Here is a little tidbit on the benefits of King Shocks and how they can add more traction and wheel power to your vehicle.

  • GPS for Off-Road Navigation

    Having a good GPS for serious off-road navigation can spell the difference between an unforgettable enjoyable adventure and an unforgettable disaster.

  • WARN Winches - The 4 Most Popular Winches

    See why these 4 WARN winches are our most popular items.

  • 3 Upgrades to Improve Your Truck’s Off Road Capability

    With these 3 upgrades, you’ll take your truck off-roading to a whole new level! These upgrades are designed to improve off-road capability, performance, and safety. Read it, choose your upgrades, make it happen, and overcome those obstacles!

  • ATV Tires and ATV Tire Makers

    If you’re just beginning the ATV tire search, this ATV tires guide is a must-read.

  • Cheap ATV Tires — Buy Quality ATV Tires Without Breaking the Bank

    The best cheap ATV tires are low in price, but not short on quality.

  • Kenda ATV Tires — The Kenda ATV Tire Review

    Kenda ATV tires are known for their high-quality construction. Learn how to pick the Kenda ATV tire that fits the way you ride.

  • Maxxis ATV Tires — The Maxxis ATV Tire Review

    ATV racers love Maxxis ATV tires because they handle well in all types of terrain. See if Maxxis offers an ATV tire that fits your riding style.

  • Tips for Improving the Fuel Efficiency of Your Off-Road Vehicle

    Fight back against rising gas prices by optimizing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. You can achieve MPG gains by changing the way you drive, and by completing certain vehicle upgrades.

  • BAKFlip Tonneau Covers and other BAK Tonneau Cover Products

    There are two methods for keeping the clutch in your off-road vehicle working longer. You can change the way you drive, and you can select a replacement clutch that’s built to withstand the strains of off-road driving.

  • Lund Tonneau Covers and Tonneau Cover Accessories

    Lund tonneau covers are available in the most popular styles: snap-on, hinged, roll-up, tri-fold, and seal-and-peel. These are some of the best soft tonneau covers available.

  • About ATV Winches: Features You Want on Your ATV Winch

    Not all ATV winches are made the same, but do you know which factors are really important? Find out how to compare ATV winches and choose the winch that’s right for you.

  • Extang Tonneau Covers and Tonneau Cover Accessories

    Extang tonneau covers feature easy installation systems, all-weather features, and some of the best warranties in the tonneau cover industry.

  • Using Your Winch To Move a Log

    Use your winch to move a fallen tree that’s blocking your progress on the trail. Follow these tips to get the job done safely.

  • Access Tonneau Covers and other Tonneau Covers by Agri-Cover

    Access tonneau covers are the best-selling soft, roll-up tonneau covers available. Whether you prefer a low-profile or high-profile tonneau cover, the Access line has a choice for you.

  • Truxedo Tonneau Covers and Tonneau Cover Accessories

    Soft tonneau covers can protect your cargo and still provide the styling you want.

  • How To Determine the Right Pressure for Your New Tires

    If you want your new tires to stay healthy, you need to keep them inflated properly. Learn four methods for determining the optimal pressure for your new, more aggressive tires.

  • Off-Road Terms to Know, A-D

    This off-road glossary is your resource for 4x4 lingo. You’ll find common off-road terms beginning with letters A through D.

  • Nerf Bars Buyers Guide

    Learn more about Nerf bars in our Nerf Bars Buyers Guide. Find out how these accessories are used and which manufacturers produce them.

  • Truck Suspension Buyers Guide

    Do you know how that coil spring lift or leaf spring lift will affect your pinion and driveshaft angles and your steering components? Find out these details and more in our Truck Suspension Buyers Guide.

  • Selecting Oil for Your 4x4 Vehicle

    Understand the factors that influence your choice of lubricants and learn how to read the specifications and compare your options.

  • 25 4x4 Tips Every Off-Road Driver Should Know

    Do you know the basics of off-road driving? Test your knowledge by reviewing our top 25 essential 4x4 tips.

  • How Warn Industries Came to Dominate the Winch Business

    About Warn and the WARN Winch: How Warn created a reputation for being one of the off-roading industry’s most durable brands.

  • Goodyear Tires: The Most Trusted Tires in the Industry

    Find out why Goodyear tires are a top choice among racers and off-roaders. Popular off-road tires include Goodyear Wrangler MTR with Kevlar tires, Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires, and Goodyear Wrangler AT/S tires.

  • Mickey Thompson Tires: Then and Now

    Mickey Thompson made his mark in auto racing, and now he’s having a similar impact on the aftermarket with his innovative off road tires.

  • Toyo Tires: Manufacturing Reliable Tires Since the ‘40s

    Toyo Tires has a race-proven selection of off-road, all-terrain, and street performance tires. The company’s commitment to innovation and performance has made all the difference.

  • ANZO USA Lighting Products: Quality You Can Count On

    ANZO USA employs computer-controlled manufacturing processes and rigorous testing to deliver reliable performance lighting products for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

  • Get More Power from Your Off-Road Truck with MagnaFlow Exhausts

    High-quality and efficiently designed MagnaFlow exhausts provide horsepower and torque gains. Choose from Off-Road Pro Series, Performance Series, and other MagnaFlow lines.

  • Truck Owners Choose Michelin Tires for Durability and Performance

    Find discount Michelin Tires at 4 Wheel Parts. Michelin Tires has become a leader in the manufacture of truck and Jeep tires that combine on-road drivability with off-road traction performance.

  • Nitto Tires Balance Off-Road Performance with On-Road Comfort

    Nitto Grappler tires are popular with truck owners because they deliver superior off-road performance and on-road drivability.

  • Bolt-On Truck Performance Parts Increase Horsepower and Fuel Economy

    Learn about improving your truck’s power and fuel economy by way of bolt-on performance products.

  • How Performance Chips Work

    Manufacturers like Banks Power, Jet Performance, Bully Dog, Superchips, and BD Diesel make tuning products for trucks and Jeeps. These tuners calibrate fuel and ignition settings to increase horsepower, torque, and fuel economy.

  • Use Bullydog Chips for more power.

    Bullydog chips can improve the power and efficiency of diesel-powered and gas-powered vehicles. Options include the Triple Dog GT Gas Tuner, Triple Dog GT Diesel Tuner, and the Bullydog PMT Tuner.

  • Choosing the Right Truck Shock Absorber
    Choosing the Right Truck Shock Absorber
    Learn about twin-tube, monotube, reservoir, and coilover shock absorbers, so you can select an appropriate shock for your truck.
  • Choosing Nerf Bars for Trucks
    Choosing Nerf Bars for Trucks
    Choosing the right Nerf bars for your truck can be challenging because you have a range of options available. Learn about the most common reasons truck owners buy Nerf bars, and then decide which type is right for you.
  • Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Programmers
    Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Programmers
    Bully Dog Triple Dog GT programmers combine the functions of a tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic tool to bring you better performance and fuel economy. Triple Dog GT programmers are available for gas- and diesel-powered rigs.
  • Choosing Discount Truck Tires
    Choosing Discount Truck Tires
    Find the right all-season, all-terrain, or off-road tires for your truck. You don’t have to give up on quality to get the right price.
  • 3 Easy Upgrades for Your Jeep
    3 Easy Upgrades for Your Jeep
    Searching for easy upgrades for your Jeep? Look no further. Three products that will improve the form and function of your Jeep include Jeep tops, mud flaps, and fender flares.
  • Top Truck Accessories for Your Work Truck
    Top Truck Accessories for Your Work Truck
    Improve the functionality of your work truck with the right truck accessories. A truck toolbox, bed extender, or bed cover might be just what you need to get more from your truck.
  • 3 Drivetrain Performance Items: aFe Intake, Exhaust & Gear Ratio
    3 Drivetrain Performance Items: aFe Intake, Exhaust & Gear Ratio
    Nothing is worse than a rig that doesn’t perform as well as it should. The best lift kit in the world won’t solve an underpowered drivetrain. Improve your ride’s muscle with a few important component upgrades.
  • Essential Performance Upgrades: Cold Air Intake Systems, Exhaust & Tuning
    Essential Performance Upgrades: Cold Air Intake Systems, Exhaust & Tuning
    Getting the most from your vehicle requires a solid, high-performing engine. Choose one of several possible upgrades to get your powertrain tuned and ready to meet any off-road challenge.
  • Outfit Any Off-Road Vehicle with Electric Winch, Bumper & Tools
    Outfit Any Off-Road Vehicle with Electric Winch, Bumper & Tools
    Make sure that you have all of the gear and equipment you need to get out of any problem that occurs off-road. Select the right winch, the most effective bumper, and bring the right tools to handle anything.
  • How to Choose Wheels and Tires for Your Truck
    How to Choose Wheels and Tires for Your Truck
    Improve the functionality of your work truck with the right truck accessories. A truck toolbox, bed extender, or bed cover might be just what you need to get more from your truck.
  • Outfitting a Jeep for Any Off-Road Adventure
    Outfitting a Jeep for Any Off-Road Adventure
    Heading into the great wide open is what Jeeps are made for, but make sure you have all of the Jeep accessories you need to make the trip a success. Install auxiliary lighting, a winch, and supplemental storage units to tackle any off-road situation that you encounter.
  • Three Things Your Jeep Needs to Tackle Any Situation
    Three Things Your Jeep Needs to Tackle Any Situation
    Outfit your rig with the Jeep essentials necessary for any successful off-road trip. Don’t get caught high and dry. Maximize your Jeep’s storage space, install an upgraded top, and update the suspension to handle any trail, no matter how severe.
  • High-Performance Basics to Improve Your Vehicle
    High-Performance Basics to Improve Your Vehicle
    Maximize the performance of your truck or Jeep engine with a Superchips programmer, an aftermarket intake system, or a set of ring and pinion gears. These crucial elements will allow your rig to tackle just about anything.
  • Four Truck Accessories to Complete Your Rig
    Four Truck Accessories to Complete Your Rig
    When heading off the beaten path, it’s important to have all of the truck accessories you need for a safe and successful excursion. From towing gear and body accessories to engine performance, cover all of your bases to make sure your rig performs when it matters most.
  • F150 Leveling Kit & Suspension Tips for Total Truck Transformation
    F150 Leveling Kit & Suspension Tips for Total Truck Transformation
    Install one or several suspension components to upgrade your truck to improve its look and its performance. An F150 leveling kit, a lift kit, or a set of springs and shocks can help your truck take on any environment.
  • Goodyear Duratrac Tires & Tips for Selecting Off-Road Equipment
    Goodyear Duratrac Tires & Tips for Selecting Off-Road Equipment
    The right set of equipment is vital to the success of an off-road excursion. Install a set of Goodyear Duratrac tires, a strong set of rims, and bring the right tools with you to prepare for anything that the trail has in store for you.
  •  Hella Lights & other Types of Gear for any Off-Road Trip
    Hella Lights & other Types of Gear for any Off-Road Trip
    The right gear can mean success or failure for your next off-road trip. Make sure your rig is outfitted with adequate lighting, a self-recovery system, and enough storage capacity for the gear you need to take with you into the backcountry.
  • Old Man Emu & 4x4 Performance Options for Your Jeep or Truck
    Old Man Emu & 4x4 Performance Options for Your Jeep or Truck
    An upgraded suspension system is crucial to the performance of an off-road vehicle. Whether you’re heading out on light trails or extreme terrains, make sure you’ve installed suspension components suited to that type of off-roading.
  • Drivetrain Buyer's Guide
    Drivetrain Buyer's Guide
    Whether you’re looking for a new set of ring-and-pinion gears, axle assemblies, differential components, or other accessories, 4 Wheel Parts has all the equipment you need. This month’s Buyer’s Guide offers a comprehensive overview of critical differential and axle products to get your rig through any terrain.

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