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What are Skyjacker Shocks and How They Can Benefit Your Off-Road Vehicle?

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Skyjacker shock absorbers, also referred to as dampers or dashpots, are an essential automotive component. Found in both street and off-roading vehicles, shock absorbers absorb and distribute energy from the ride of a vehicle. If you are taking your car over heavy terrain or driving down a bumpy street road, the ride will be less jeering than if you had poor quality shock absorbers.

Skyjacker shock absorbers will reduce the impacts of going over harsh terrain and can increase the ride quality for those inside the vehicle. The purpose of a Skyjacker shock absorber is to dampen any spring oscillations occurring, but it also functions as a way to limit excessive suspension movement. Depending on the type of vehicle, one Skyjacker shock kit may not be suitable for your vehicle’s purpose – this is because spring rates are decided by the manufacturer and for some purpose you will need a heavy duty shock absorber, especially for full-time off-roading vehicles.


Although all shock absorbers essentially do the same thing, there are different types to consider depending on how you will use them. There are three broad types of shock absorbers that can be broken into additional categories:

  • Conventional Telescopic – This type of shock is very simple and is often found on street vehicle and smaller cars that do not go over harsh terrain. This shock absorber is found on front and rear systems and is not only inexpensive, it is very easy to replace.
  • Strut – Strut shock absorbers are built for heavy-duty use and are more rigid in overall design. They can take on greater loads and handle heavier force than conventional telescopic shock absorbers and work on small to medium-size cars.
  • Spring Seat – This type of shock is a combination of strut and conventional telescopic shock absorbers. These are, however, not meant on heavy loads.


There are a few different models of Skyjacker shock absorbers depending on where you will take your vehicle. If you have a vehicle that will be used for on and off-road driving, you do not want to use heavier load shocks that are meant for full-time four-wheel drive vehicles. Instead, you will want to purchase a Skyjacker shock absorber kit that is designed for off-road and street driving.

Vehicles that will be dedicated to full-time off-roading, on the other hand, need to have shock absorbers that utilize a heavier load and can handle harsh terrain as well as rock crawling.

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