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Enhancing Your Jeep with Skyjacker Lift Kits

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Most Jeep owners will get to a point where they want their Jeep to not only perform well, but look good doing it. A Skyjacker lift kit can do just that. The decision to lift a Jeep is simple but implementing it is not, especially with the variety of options available. Before you buy your Skyjacker lift kit, consider a few of these options and facts to make the right purchase the first time around.

Ground clearance

When a Jeep is off-roading, it has to clear rocks, awkward terrain, and heavy dips. A Skyjacker lift kit can provide the extra ground clearance needed for the Jeep to get over terrain without bottoming out. The more ground clearance a Jeep has, the more off-roading options it will have, especially in uncharted off-roading territories and rock crawling areas.

Off-road control

A Skyjacker lift kit can enhance a Jeep's off-road control. When a Jeep has a lift kit, it will have more drive when it goes over inclines and boulders. You'll have more wheel combinations to choose from depending on how high your Jeep is lifted.

Physical appearance

Sometimes the lift has nothing to do with performance – it's all about appeal. Some people lift a Jeep several inches for the aesthetics and never take the Jeep off-roading. There are Skyjacker lift kits that are more cosmetic than performance-based. These will cost considerably less and be easier for your Jeep than those purchased for performance.

Height and budget

Jeep owners can lift their vehicle anywhere from one to 12 inches, but the higher a Jeep is lifted the more commitment is involved. It's important to remember that there are a lot of components required to lift a Jeep, but there is also the cost of tires. If you lose a tire to damage or blowout, you will have to replace it. If you're off-roading in remote areas, you need to have a spare off-roading tire to get back to safety if your Jeep loses a tire.

Also, the higher your Jeep is lifted, the more likely you will have to hire someone to install the Skyjacker lift kit for you. The suspension, shocks, braking system, and other equipment must be adjusted, if not replaced, to accommodate your Jeep's lift. To ensure your Jeep is safe, it's recommended that you hire a professional to install Skyjacker lift kits over four inches.

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