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How to Choose the Right Super Swamper Tires

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If you are in the market for off-roading tires, you have most likely heard about Super Swampers. These are the biggest, baddest tires on the market. Before picking any model, consider a few tips to ensure that you purchase the right Super Swampers for your off-roading vehicle.

Off-roading tires

Though it's true that the right Super Swampers tire can provide better traction, a better tire is only half the battle. You will also have to pair a set of Super Swampers with locking devices and a winch.

Before considering Super Swamper tires, you will also want to make sure you have enough ground clearance. If your truck or Jeep does not have the right amount of ground clearance to already go over rocks and harsh terrain, you will need to purchase a lift kit and lift the vehicle before purchasing Super Swampers.

Vehicle preparation

Buying Super Swamper tires for your off-roading vehicle requires commitment. Not only do you have to purchase the right shock absorbers, lift kit and accessories to pair with your Super Swampers, but there are other interior components that have to be upgraded.

The biggest upgrade to consider is fenders and fender walls. If your fender walls are too shallow, the rubber from the Super Swampers will constantly rub, and this can significantly reduce the tires' lifespan.

Remember that the larger the tire, the harder your vehicle will be working to move. This will add a considerable amount of load for your vehicle's engine, and that means additional strain on your axles and the ring-and-pinion. To compensate for this added strain, install new rings, pinion gears, and consider performance shock absorbers. For even better performance, consider custom intakes, computer chips, exhaust upgrades, and other performance enhancing products.

Street safety

If your off-roading vehicle needs to drive on streets or highways, ensure the Super Swampers you select are street legal. While most Super Swamper models are street legal and will not tear up the roads, others are not. Ask the manufacturer or retailer about street legal varieties, especially if your off-roading vehicle doubles as an on-highway ride.

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