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How to Choose the Best Set of Wheels for Your Ride

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The heart of any vehicle is not the engine. It is, in fact, more visible and more apparent. The key to any ride are the wheels. A clean set of visually appealing, high-performing rims can literally make or break a rig. For vehicles that traverse off-road environments or daily drivers that need to get around town, a set of Pro Comp wheels offers several advantages, depending on your intended use. Off-road rigs benefit from a set of steel rims that are durable, and capable of taking the numerous and unpredictable punishments of the backcountry. Daily drivers benefit from a set of alloy rims that are light weight and allow for improved airflow through the brake system.


Pro Comp's steel rims are specifically designed to be used on off-road vehicles. Pro Comp wheels are the perfect blend of affordability and design. Cut from a single piece of steel, Pro Comp's steel rims can take the abuse dished out by harsh trails again and again. Although steel wheels are durable, and are often the best choice for serious off-roading, there are a limited number of designs available, and steel rims are far heavier than aluminum alloy wheels.


Aluminum Pro Comp wheels are lightweight and sleekly designed, earning them a top spot on any all-terrain vehicle owner's wish list. These rims are available in a range of colors and designs, making it easy for you to get the look that you want without sacrificing craftsmanship or affordability. Pro Comp's alloy rims are strong, durable, and stylish due to a low-pressure casting process used in the wheel's manufacture. Alloy rims also come in an array of finishes, including chrome and powder coat.


The perfect complement to Pro Comp wheels are Pro Comp tires. Pro Comp tires can handle virtually any terrain, with superior traction control and puncture resistance. There are numerous tires available, suitable for all types of terrains and applications. All-terrain tires work well for dual-purpose use, for vehicles that traverse both on-highway and off-road surfaces. Mud-terrain tires are ideal for tackling wet and sloppy terrain, and are best for vehicles that will only go off-road.

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