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Wheels for On-Highway and Off-Road Driving

To improve the look and performance of an off-road vehicle, it’s wise to select the proper set of wheels and tires. There are numerous options available if you plan to install a new set of alloy or steel wheels. Among the top manufacturers, Pro Comp wheels offer strength, durability, and quality of construction.

Alloy Wheels

Pro Comp's alloy wheels are exclusively designed using a state-of-the-art technology called low-pressure-casting. This technology provides the wheels with increased strength and durability. Aside from their remarkable strength, Pro Comp wheel products are also known for their stylish appearance. Each wheel is machine-polished, which results in a smooth and gleaming finish. Pro Comp alloy wheels come in various designs and finishes, so you choose which model goes best with your vehicle. Alloy wheels in gloss black are among the most popular, due to a sleek, classic look. Other types of finish include flat black, chrome, cast blast, and polished.

For a head-turning look for your vehicle, you consider the Series 7113 alloy wheel. This wheel is the product of a collaboration between Pro Comp and Metal Mulisha. The unique wheel features an impressive design of eight spokes secured with large bolts, a classic flat black finish, and a center cap with the Metal Mulisha logo to top off the look.

Steel Wheels

Pro Comp also features a wide range of steel wheels for different types of driving. For instance, Pro Comp steel wheels are particularly reliable if you're a rock crawling enthusiast. These wheels are 100% made in the U.S., and are manufactured from the most durable materials. Rock crawling and other types of off-road driving can expose your vehicle to severe conditions. Pro Comp's wheels are designed to withstand harsh environments.

Some steel wheel models are strictly used for off-road driving, while others are suitable for highway use. Like Pro Comp's alloy wheels, steel wheels come in an array of patterns and finishes, including flat black, gloss black, and chrome. You can also choose a unique white finish to make your vehicle stand out.


Aside from manufacturing high-quality alloy and steel wheels, Pro Comp also supplies wheel accessories. For example, Pro Comp features a complete set of splined lug nuts with keys. Of course, you will also need a lug wrench to install these wheel lugs. Pro Comp's X Wrench features four socket sizes. The wrench is also compact and lightweight.

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