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Steel vs. Alloy: How to Choose the Right Jeep Wheels

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Off-roading is a fun way to spend a weekend, but if you don't have one important thing squared away before you head off, your weekend may end in disaster. A Jeep's wheels are vital to the overall performance of the rig, no matter the environment, whether you're planning to drive on the highway or in the rough and rocky backcountry. If you are looking for new wheels for your Jeep, the choice comes down to two main wheel types: steel and alloy. Each type offers different advantages. Before you choose, it helps to know the advantages and drawbacks to each when shopping for Jeep wheels.


One of the most popular choices of material is steel. The main benefit is that steel wheels are often among the least expensive to buy, since they are cheap to make. They are also easy to paint over, so whether you want a new color or need to replace chipped paint, you can easily fix the issue. Steel Jeep wheels are also tougher and more rugged, capable of taking the impacts that come with intense off-roading. Steel is not a lightweight material, which makes steel an imperfect wheel for racing or speed-tuning applications.


Many Jeepers like alloy wheels because they are lightweight. Not only can this help vehicles accelerate and stop faster, but it can also result in a smooth ride and improved handling. Cast alloy wheels, which tend to be the most common kind, are malleable and available in a wide variety of designs. If you want Jeep wheels that look unique, you might consider this material. In addition, cast alloy wheels are porous, and this can reduce the weight. Plus, these types of Jeep wheels are rust-resistant and easy to keep clean.

Forged alloy wheels are typically more expensive due to a complex construction process. However, you might find these wheels worth the higher price if you want a material that is particularly lightweight yet strong. In fact, these Jeep wheels are stronger than cast alloy wheels, which means they will likely last longer and can put up with more impacts. Many drivers concerned with street performance prefer forged alloy wheels. Both steel and alloy are common choices for Jeep wheels.

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