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Jeep Performance Parts: What To Know Before You Buy

Aftermarket manufacturers produce a huge assortment of performance parts for Jeeps. This vast selection gives you the flexibility to add a little or a lot of power and versatility to your Jeep. The downside is that if you’re new to the custom Jeep scene, you may not know where to start when you want to upgrade your Jeep’s power profile.

Jeep performance parts for power

Many new Jeep owners interested in Jeep performance parts start with air filters and intakes, performance exhaust, or performance electronics.

  • Air intakes.

    Aftermarket air filters and air intakes increase the flow of air into your engine. An engine that receives more air, in theory, produces more horsepower. The easiest upgrade is a high-flow aftermarket air filter. You’ll get better results from a complete air intake kit, which provides a less restrictive air pathway. K&N, Banks Power, aFe, AIRAID, AEM, and others make a variety of air intake products.

    A related option is the ARB Safari Snorkel Intake. The snorkel raises the Jeep’s air intake point to access air that’s cleaner and drier. This is a good option for those who often drive in mud, because it reduces the amount of debris that must be filtered out of the engine’s air supply.

  • Performance exhaust for Jeeps.

    Exhaust upgrades improve Jeep performance by optimizing the outflow of air from your engine. You have many options in this category, from tailpipe tips to headers to complete exhaust systems. Many of these upgrades simply bolt on, so you may be able to avoid the expense of professional installation. Popular Jeep exhaust brands include Banks Power, MagnaFlow, aFe, RBP, MBRP, and Rancho.

  • Performance electronics.

    You can improve your horsepower and fuel efficiency with a Jeep performance module, programmer, or chip. These products mainly work by tuning your engine to burn fuel more completely. Most are easy to install and use.

    Features vary widely among Jeep performance electronics. Some have diagnostic tools to help you manage diagnostic trouble codes or DTCs. Some let you store multiple tuning profiles, so you can switch between, say, a towing profile and a street-driving setup. One thing to note is that not all performance electronics are legal in street-driven vehicles. Manufacturers typically specify how the products can be used legally, so read the fine print carefully. You can always contact the manufacturer directly to clarify legality in your application.

4Wheel Drive Hardware has a complete selection of Jeep performance parts, from intakes to electronics. Shop now and you’re on the way to a more spirited driving experience!

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