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Protect Your Jeep’s Interior With Floor Mats

Floor mats shield your flooring from the elements, and they add a bit of style to the interior of your Jeep. Given that you more than likely encounter any number of spill hazards during your weekend adventures into the mountains or during long treks through deep mud, it's a good idea to equip your Jeep with mats that can extend the life of your current factory flooring. If you would like to spend a little now to save a bundle later, should you have to replace the original carpeting that has been damaged, Jeep mats are definitely the way to go.


Floor mats guard your carpeting from stains and other mishaps. Aside from the more common stains, such as drinks or food, mats can also protect your carpeting from anything that may be tracked in on the bottom of your shoes. If you frequently go off-road, then you know what kind of debris can attach itself to your shoes. In addition to shielding your interior, mats also provide your feet with a higher level of comfort, especially if you purchase mats that are thicker or offer a tread of some sort. Jeep mats are also easy to switch out. When they get too soiled or if you want another style, then you can do so quickly without spending a fortune.


Though one might think that buying floor mats would be a rather simple process, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when making your selection. For instance, Jeep mats are constructed from a variety of materials. The two main types are all-weather (which is typically made out of rubber, plastic, or vinyl) and carpet. Both varieties have advantages and drawbacks. All-weather mats are ideal for serious off-roaders, as they are more stain-resistant and far easier to clean. These mats are typically more durable and provide a thick layer of protection against dirt and grime. Carpet mats enable you to more closely match the mat to the interior, but are more susceptible to staining. You can also purchase mats with logos or custom embroidery.

h2Off-road applications

Though it's important to have Jeep mats while off-roading, it's just as crucial to have them for when you're driving side streets or highways. In fact, spilling quite often occurs when you're just going around town or making long drives, as you tend to eat and drink more in these situations.

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