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Lift Kit Selection for Your Jeep

Aside from the fact that a lift kit can make your Jeep stand out in a crowd, there are other potential benefits as well. Regardless of whether you're an off-road enthusiast who lives to get out in the great wide open every weekend, or you’re someone who uses a Jeep to drive around town, a Jeep lift kit is a worthwhile investment.


A Jeep lift kit gives you increased ground clearance, and allows you to easily take on off-road challenges. Another key benefit is an expanded area for larger tires. Larger tires give you the ability to take on obstacles while venturing off the beaten path. Aside from these advantages, many Jeep owners to choose to buy a lift kit simply for an improved appearance.


Though different manufacturers offer Jeep lift kits today, there are three types of kits that are the most popular: suspension lifts, shackle lifts, and body lifts. If you're looking for a rather minor lift and want to keep within a tight budget, then shackle lifts might be your best bet. This type of Jeep lift kit provides about two additional inches of height and relies on leaf spring shackles. If you want to accommodate larger tires, but don't want to increase the clearance of your Jeep, try a body lift. A body lift involves a bit work, and requires inserting blocks between the body and its chassis.

On the other hand, a suspension lift kit will set you back a bit more in price, but will provide your jeep with most clearance and improved off-road performance. This particular kit requires changing your current lift springs and recoil shocks, then replacing them with extended ones. When you are ready to buy your Jeep lift kit consider what you want to achieve prior to selecting any equipment. For example, if you plan on going off-roading quite often and don't mind spending a bit more money, then the suspension lifts might be a great choice. However, if you just want to be able to fit larger tires, then a body lift is a smart choice.

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