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Jeep Fenders

A set of fender flares is a popular upgrade among Jeep owners. These body accessories provide great styling, protect your Jeep from flying rocks and add tire coverage to keep you legal. State law typically defines how far your tire rubber can extend from the body of your Jeep. If you install wider aftermarket tires — a common upgrade for off-roaders — you may need a set of fender flares to stay legal. Note that your state probably also defines how big your fender flares can be, so research that point before you start shopping.

Fender Flare Materials

Ideally, fender flares for an off-road Jeep are strong enough to withstand impacts, but flexible enough to bend without breaking. As well, they should resist warping and cracking even if regularly exposed to sun and other harsh elements.

Fender flare manufacturers have identified different materials that meet these requirements. Bushwacker, for example, uses two exclusive materials for its fender flares: Dura-Flex 2000 ABS or Dura-Flex 2000 TPO. Materials used by other manufacturers include powdercoated steel, ABS plastic, urethane and polyurethane.

Shopping Jeep Fender Flares

Shopping for Jeep fender flares can be confusing, because the options are so varied. A list of key features like the one below can help you get organized and find the fender flare that’s right for you:

  • Warranty. Most fender flares are covered by some kind of warranty. Make sure you know what’s covered by the warranty and how long that warranty lasts.
  • Style. Jeep fender flares come in a range of styles, from rugged to sleek. Ruggedly styled fender flares usually provide more tire coverage, but that doesn’t mean you’re locked into one style. Each manufacturer presents its own style options. Bushwacker, for example, makes pocket-style fender flares, flat-style fender flares and cut-out fender flares. The options are varied enough that you can find the style and function you need in one package.
  • Tire coverage. Different styles of fender flares provide varying levels of added tire coverage. Find out what your coverage requirements are before you settle on one particular design.
  • Installation. Some fender flares install over your stock flare with adhesive, while others require bolting or drilling. If you plan to install your own fender flares, consider how comfortable you are with each of the installation methods.

Jeep Fender Flare Manufacturers

Reputable manufacturers of Jeep fender flares include Bushwacker, Smittybilt, Bestop, Warrior Products, Xenon and Rugged Ridge. Each brand has its own advantages. Bushwacker, for example, has been making fender flares for trucks and Jeeps for more than 40 years. Bestop has a loyal following among Jeep owners for many different products, including fender flares. Smittybilt delivers a great value with its affordable, all-steel XRC fender flares.

4Wheel Drive Hardware carries these and other brands of Jeep fender flares. Start shopping now to get the tire coverage and body protection your Jeep needs.

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